Equality / Discrimination

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Equal Treatment / Discrimination

PDFs can be found/downloaded at the bottom left:

  • Guidelines, policies, support, counseling on discrimination, abuse of power, bullying, sexual harassment and violence at KHM.
  • Cologne help centers

In case of discrimination and / or sexualized violence you can contact:

Further Cologne help centers

Contact points for sexualized violence:

Counseling center for migrant and refugee women:

  • agisra Köln e.V., Martinstr. 20a, 50667 Cologne Phone: 0221/124019, www.agisra.org

Intervention centers after domestic violence:

  • Diakonie Michaelshoven e.V. Wendepunkt/ Frauenberatung Kalk, Kalker Hauptstr. 247-273, 51103 Cologne, Phone: 0221/8209416 E-mail: wendepunkt@diakonie-michaelshoven.de
  • Violence Protection Center of the Social Service of Catholic Women e.V., Gilbachstr. 23, 50670 Cologne Phone: 0221/95294454 E-mail: gewaltschutz@skf-koeln.de

Refuge / women's shelters:

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