Equality / Discrimination

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Equality / Discrimination

Support and counselling in cases of discrimination, abuse of power, bullying, sexual harassment and violence at the KHM

Our goal is that fairness, equality and respect in social interaction, also when dealing with conflicts, becomes a matter of course at the KHM. This can only happen if every single person—no matter whether student or member of staff—takes responsibility and supports a culture of awareness by bearing witness and being an agent for equality, by not looking away when conflict arises or is imminent. Sexualised violence, harassment, discrimination and derogatory behaviour must not be allowed any place at the art academy or elsewhere!

See the guidelines and principles below (PDF).

For questions, advice and more - please contact the KHM equality:
Dr. Juliane Kuhn / Marketa Polednova (Equal Opportunity Officer and Representative)
or also to the Rector of the KHM:
Prof. Dr. Kerstin Stutterheim
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