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Application FAQ

Can I make an appointment for a portfolio consultation with a professor?
The KHM does not offer portfolio advice to lecturers. Applicants are encouraged to make their own decisions about the presentation of their artistic work samples.

Can I apply to the KHM without a general university entrance qualification (Abitur)?
Applicants without a general university entrance qualification can apply and be admitted if they have particular artistic aptitude for the Media Arts course at the KHM. This is determined by a commission based on the submitted work samples during the application process.

Can I apply in the year I finish high school?
Yes, this is possible if the semi-annual report is available for the application and the Abitur certificate is submitted at the latest when you enroll.

How important is my average Abitur grade?
The average grade does not play a decisive role. The most important criterion in the selection of applicants is artistic aptitude for the Media Arts course, which is determined by a commission based on the submitted work samples.

How much are the semester fees and what is included?
Currently, contributions of around 320 euros per semester are charged. This includes the semester ticket (valid throughout North Rhine-Westphalia on buses, trains and local trains), as well as contributions for the student union and insurance of the equipment in the KHM lending facility.

Can I apply for Diploma 1 and Diploma 2 at the same time?
Since the KHM only offers one course (in two different variants), a double application is not possible, applicants have to decide on an application process.

Can I apply for the Diploma 2 course before I have received my university's diploma?
Yes, this is possible if the application documents are accompanied by a certificate from the current examination office stating that the applicant will complete the course in the course of the next summer semester at the latest.

What is the scope of the project outline (Diploma 2)?
The project outline can be a text (usually two to three pages) or, e.g. in the case of installations, act around a sketch. Explanations can be found in the application documents.

I am interested in two or more areas of specialization in the Diploma 2 course.
Which one should I apply for?
You can only apply for one focus. If, after viewing the work samples, the commission is of the opinion that the applicant is more suitable for a different focus, the application documents will be forwarded to the appropriate commission with his / her consent (see application documents)

Do I have to submit the certificate for German level B 2 when applying?
Not necessarily. The certificate can also be presented when enrolling. If you have a very good command of English (IELTS 6.5 level), you can submit the certificate in the Diploma 2 course at the latest after the end of the first semester.

Do I have to take the B2 exam at a Goethe Institute?
The language certificate can also be issued by other language schools, provided that the language tests correspond to the reference framework.

Does the KHM offer language courses for international students?
No, there are no language courses at the KHM. The university supports students in finding suitable language courses.

Is there a quota for the admission of international students?
The applications are selected regardless of the nationality of the applicants based on the criterion of artistic suitability for the media arts course.

What support is there for students with disabilities / disabilities?
Students with disabilities can contact the responsible officer at the university, who will advise on support options during their studies and, if necessary, apply for compensation for disadvantages.

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