Experimental Informatics

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Experimental Informatics

Experimental Computer Science at the KHM questions the fundamental prerequisites and possibilities of today’s design and production processes.

We examine, in particular, the role of IT processes and their interaction with material processes. Where do data and algorithms occur, how are they generated, communicated, processed and integrated into planning and production processes? How does human reason and perception interact with physical materials and how is it mediated through semiotic processes?

In short: in which way are reason and artefact mutually defined and which role do signs play in this?

The fact that there is, thus far, no universal science of artefacts that does beyond pure questions of doing, of know-how, is seen as one of the main reasons that our society has never really intellectually mastered technology. The focus of our line of thought and experimental approach is therefore considerations on the conditions for the possibility of productive action and the question of under which provisos we even wish to develop and run our resultant technologies, rather than technical know-how. This subject is essentially accessed experimentally. With the help of artefacts, small structures and process-oriented installations, the field of poetic action is examined and critically reflected upon in a practical artistic manner.


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