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Studio A

Studio A with live TV direction workstation

Area: ca. 80m2, location: Overstolzenhaus

TV studio since 1992. Equipped with professional TV studio lighting system as well as direct connection to a TV direction workstation suitable for “live TV productions” with 3 to 5 cameras including recording and controlling possibilities via the live workstation. Equipment for the generation of live video effects, including blue-box, is integrated.

Studio B 

Studio B with set construction and infinity cove for visual effects

Area ca. 150m2, location: “Studio-/Compositing-Tract” in Filzengraben 2b,c  

Integration of make-up and props rooms as well as a complex studio lighting system with ceiling rail lighting and programmable light console, as well as a ten-metre-wide infinity cove for recording effects using keying techniques.



The Technology Department of the KHM is diverse and complex.

For an overview the individual work areas present themselves in short films. 

A KHM account is required for viewing the films. Please log in to the KHM website in advance.

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