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Studio A

Studio A with live TV direction workstation

Area: ca. 80m2, location: Overstolzenhaus

TV studio since 1992. Equipped with professional TV studio lighting system as well as direct connection to a TV direction workstation suitable for “live TV productions” with 3 to 5 cameras including recording and controlling possibilities via the live workstation. Equipment for the generation of live video effects, including blue-box, is integrated.

Studio B 

Studio B with set construction and infinity cove for visual effects

Area ca. 150m2, location: “Studio-/Compositing-Tract” in Filzengraben 2b,c  

Integration of make-up and props rooms as well as a complex studio lighting system with ceiling rail lighting and programmable light console, as well as a ten-metre-wide infinity cove for recording effects using keying techniques.


Belegung von Studio A und Studio B


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The Technology Department of the KHM is diverse and complex.

For an overview the individual work areas present themselves in short films. 

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