Principles for the prevention of humiliation, discrimination, sexual harassment, violence and abuse of power at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne

The Academy of Media Arts Cologne promotes the equitable cooperation of all genders on all levels of interaction and engagement in study, teaching, art, research, technology and administration. It works actively against abuses of power, all kinds of discrimination and disadvantaging, sexual harassment and violence towards students, employees and teaching staff.

Discrimination, sexualised behaviour and violence represent a violation of personal rights that severely impairs the Academy of Media Arts Cologne as a whole. They create an intimidating, stressful and degrading work and study environment and can have serious negative psychological and physical implications.

Discrimination of any sort as well as all sexual harassment and sexualised use of force are forbidden at the academy and in official non-academic interactions. All members and representatives of the Academy – whether they are involved with educational, qualificatory and managerial tasks in teaching, research and study or with technical and administrational roles – are responsible for ensuring that people’s personal rights and individual personal boundaries are respected in their specific areas of work and specialisation and should safeguard the prevention and/or cessation of sexually discriminatory behaviour and use of force. Violations of these principles will not be tolerated.

Abuse of power or the exploitation of dependant relationships at the place of work, in the course of study as well as in the handling of resources under the threat and/or implementation of personal or professional disadvantage or with the promise of benefit is considered particularly serious.

Emotions and the search for identity can be the subject of artistic work and is thus an essential component of the teaching. These are inherent characteristics of an artistic course of study. The close relationships that are formed demand these topics be tackled with particular sensitivity. This must always be viewed in light of the basic guaranteed artistic, scientific and academic freedoms.

All representatives and members of the Academy are expected to cooperate on the creation of a work and study environment that offers space for artistic development shaped by mutual regard, respect and tolerance and which encourages individuals to address conflicts openly. There is no place at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne for disadvantaging, defamation, humiliation, discrimination, sexual harassment or violence.

[approved by the senate of the KHM on 13.07.2018]

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