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Wednesday 17.11.2021 on otic.radio

17.11 | Wednesday | 20:00h - 22:00h | otic.radio live: Soundings Broadcast & Helin Korkmaz

Tonight, otic.radio presents a re-broadcast of our showcase for the first Soundings event of Wintersemester 2021, featuring an interview with sound professor Hans Koch about the utility and history of radio as both a practical and creative medium, as well as improvisational experimental musical performances from Bidisha Das and Dennis Aycicek. In their performances, both Das and Aycicek manipulate the sounds of FM Radio broadcasts to noisy and multiplex ends.

In addition, we are happy to announce the inclusion of a new member, Helin Korkmaz, who introduces herself as well as a sampling of her audio work.

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otic.radio in WiSe 20/21

Wintersemester otic.radio broadcasting

You can also listen our broadcasting in otic Soundcould with better quality


18.Novemeber 2020

Rewriting Diaries

02.December 2020

KHM Infotag with artistic works by KHM students

16.December 2020

Human Collage (Organizers' feast)

13.January 2021

Odradek / A Talk about Sound Artists & Labels

27.January 2021

Fem Collage

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otic.radio in SuSe 2020

You can also listen our broadcasting in otic Soundcould with better quality


20.May 2020

Natalie Harapat - Ich wünschte wir würden loswerden / Einholen

Jiyun Park - Kraphük / Invisibile Indicator 

27.May 2020

Thomas Empl - Wir umklammern uns

Inga Fischer - Bandita

Leonard Prandini - Monte Carlo


03.June 2020

Joel Jaffe - Xhale-gasp

M42 - SoforthilfekleinNRW

Jee Soo Hong - The Signal to Isolation

Lilian Villalba - The history of stuffed animals

10.June 2020 

Franziska Windisch - Conversation: Feedback

Jorengthericecake - Parrot, Lispector, in between Dysphoria

17.June 2020 

Werken - Live Concert

Mount Wobble - Mount Wobble Label

Friedemann Dupelius - Silencing Stadion

24.June 2020 

Natural History - Love / Hate / Concentrate

YOU ARE Group - Police Watching

Florian Schmitz - Drum'n'Bass Vinyl Set

01.July 2020 

Reading Night

Inga Fischer

Judith Röder

Thomas Empl

Rebana John

Biniam Graffé

Marie Sturm

Faris Alrjoob

Special session talk with Hans w.Koch

08.July 2020 

Good Vibration - Why are you just jumping all the time instead of falling?

Grapefruits - Conversation: Female Composers and Sound Artists

15.July 2020 

Conversation with Agustina & Sybella

Safe Space Records : Interview & Tracks

SPA Recordings : Interview & B2B DJ Set

22.July 2020 


Press Play

Closing Otic Radio of SUSE 2020

BEispiele aus dem ARchive des otic. radio
LEsungen, Soundart, Fieldrecorings, radioart ...
  • Latent Correspondence (Lilian Villalba & Alejandro Cassis)
  • Hanna Noh, Internal other
  • Raphael Di Canio, Waldeinsamkeit
  • Justine Bauer, Charlotte Triebus, Judith Röder, Kamala Dubrovnik and Natalie Harapat
  • Tobias Hartmann & hans w. koch, some time on time (Part I)
  • Tobias Hartmann & hans w. koch, some time on time (Part II)
  • Hanna Noh, Korean Times Tables
  • Wonky Wheel, Pass the cabbage
  • Jiyun Park, Transcending Space III
  • Lilian Villalba, Interview
  • Alexander Klug, Melting Sounds
  • Sybella Perry, Carrying a Tune
  • Hye Young Sin, Folded Tuning
  • Thomas Empl & Nathalie Harapat
  • KURZE, Readings
  • Inu, 'Cross Section'
  • Agustina Andreoletti, Nathalie Harapat, Kate Hattley, Sybella Perry, 'What is otic radio?'
  • Camilo Sandoval
  • Thomas Empl & Nathalie Harapat
  • Wonky Wheel, Lessons learned from a one-legged pigeon
  • iseemonsterz, Live Set
  • Andreas Niegl, Dialectics of Loneliness
  • Thomas Empl, Aufstehen
  • Jonathan Lahr, Mr.Marshmellow
  • Sybella Perry, Turning back the dial
  • KURZE (II). Inga Fischer, Sonja Lewandowski, Thomas Empl, Lisa Domin, Rike Hoppe
  • Natalie Harapat, Ich wünschte, wir würden uns loswerden
  • KURZE (I). Henrik Hillenbrand, Christin Mittler, Naama Heiman, Natalie Harapat
  • Victor "Govoi" Omenon Lloo, Poems
  • Rebana John & Sybella Perry, Anglophonic Interruptions
  • Itinerant rhythms ~ Krishna Dörfler, Bohye Lee, Christopher Krause, Thomas Meckel, Andreas Niegl, Jiyun Park,  Sybella Perry, Janosch Pugnaghi, Hye Young Sin, Mi Anchi Trinh, Davide Tidoni, Lilian Villalba, and Sebastian von der Heide. Contributions made during the seminar Politics of Listening, guided by Franziska Windisch
  • Program announcement 18 - 22 July 2018
  • Navid Razavi & Joel Jaffe, MC
  • Maren Kessler, Electra Electro
  • Natalie Harapat, Tinthetinder
  • Franz-Xaver Franz, Speed Hating [extract]
  • Sybella Perry & Alex Head (sub_ʇxǝʇ), Resident Receiver
  • Rihards Vitols, Woodpecker for Radio
  • Tim Wojcik, On the Concord and Merrimack
  • Alisa Berger, Colombian Stories
  • Otic.Radio 20.May, 2020
  • Otic.Radio 27.May, 2020
  • Otic.Radio 03.June, 2020
  • Otic.Radio 10.June, 2020
  • Otic.Radio 17.June, 2020
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  • Otic Radio 13.Jan, 2021
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