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otic. is a student-run radio platform based at KHM.
otic. is a space for artworks that relate to the ear rather than the eye.
otic. is looking for listeners.
otic. is looking for broadcasters.

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otic. is commoning radio.

Since 2017 otic. offers airtime to all students, staff and the wider community. For winter semester 2018/9, our weekly programme will centre on practices of common work, the (re)production and distribution of uncommon knowledges and the need for collective forms of hospitality, empathy and remembering. 

Commoning responds to a communal search for porous and less productivity-driven understandings, establishing itself between personal interests and public needs. To work collaboratively, to work in dialogue with others and to be receptive to the experience of the listener are some of the considerations that constitute otic. in common. This idea is rooted in the reconsideration and realization of different approaches to producing and presenting radio broadcasts; reflecting on shared necessities, in particular the conflicts and troubles that arise when we share spaces with others.

With this proposal, we want to give a space to experiment hands-on the "public" through the "common."


To make otic. in common, we seek ideas for pairing the artistic possibilities of radio with the potential of live performance and pre-recorded pieces. The call for works is open, but not restricted, to: sound art, experimental music, live performance, radio plays, storytelling, readings, spoken word, improvisation, discussion shows, DJ sets, documentary features, field recordings. All broadcasts will appear as a live-stream on the KHM website and will be available afterwards for download as a podcast.

The call is open to existing projects or ideas still in development. Works in any language may be submitted.

The APPLICATION FORM [https://goo.gl/forms/G8Qns62AP2oSveJP2] should be completed in English or German and include the following materials:

- A project description

- Sketches, images, texts, audio material if possible

- Approximate length of the piece (minimum 15 minutes, maximum 2 hours)

- A brief outline of the technical requirements for the broadcast and whether technical support is required

We are also LOOKING FOR CO-ORGANISERS, if you are interested please mention this in your application.

Deadline for submission

November 7, 2018


BROADCAST WS 2018/9 ~ Wednesday from 19:00 to 21:00 @ www.khm.de/oticradio

November 21

November 28

December 5

December 12

December 19

January 9

January 16

January 23

January 30

February 6

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us: Agustina Andreoletti [a.andreoletti@khm.de] / Sybella Perry [sybella.r.perry@gmail.com]

Natalie Harapat, Ich wünschte, wir würden uns loswerden
Victor "Govoi" Omenon Lloo, Poems
Itinerary rhythms ~ Krishna Dörfler, Bohye Lee, Christopher Krause, Thomas Meckel, Andreas Niegl, Jiyun Park,  Sybella Perry, Janosch Pugnaghi, Hye Young Sin, Mi Anchi Trinh, Davide Tidoni, Lilian Villalba, and Sebastian von der Heide. Contributions made during the seminar Politics of Listening, guided by Franziska Windisch.
Rundgang Live 2018
Navid Razavi & Joel Jaffe, MC
Maren Kessler, Electra Electro
Natalie Harapat, Tinthetinder
Franz-Xaver Franz, Speed Hating [extract]
Sybella Perry & Alex Head (sub_ʇxǝʇ), Resident Receiver
Rihards Vitols, Woodpecker for Radio
Tim Wojcik, On the Concord and Merrimack
Alisa Berger, Colombian Stories
Rebana John & Sybella Perry, Anglophonic Interruptions

Broadcasting Summer Semester 2018


Where to listen?
Online: www.khm.de/oticradio

Wednesdays from 19:00 to 21:00

21st November
28th November
5th Dezember
12th December
19th December
9th January
16th January
23rd January
30th January
6th February


Agustina Andreoletti [a.andreoletti@khm.de] / Sybella Perry [sybella.r.perry@gmail.com]

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