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Equality at the KHM

Oriented to the State Equality Act (LGG) and the Art University Act of North Rhine-Westphalia, equality at the KHM supports the realization of the "fundamental right of equality between women and men. In accordance with this law and other regulations on gender equality, women are promoted in order to reduce existing disadvantages."

The election of the Equal Opportunity Officer (EOO) takes place in accordance with the Basic Regulations of the KHM with subsequent appointment by the Rector*. The Equal Opportunity Team (EO) and the Representative are elected every two years by the women* of KHM. The Equal Opportunity Team is established, elected and organized according to the four status groups of the Kunsthochschule: female professors, female artistic-scientific staff, female administrative and technical staff and female students. Men may also stand for election to the team. However, they cannot become EO representatives or EOO representatives.

Equality work at KHM is implemented as a part-time or honorary position. The EO representative and the EO team make arrangements for the numerous commission and committee or project work so that it is distributed among as many heads as possible. This leads to good communication and transparency both vertically and horizontally and strengthens the sense of community.

The EO officer or her representative are regular members of the Rectorate and Senate meetings.

The goals and tasks of the Equal Opportunity Team are:

  • Development and standardization of equal opportunities and equality of women* and men, women's advancement plans and gender issues.
  • Participation in appointment procedures, job advertisements and committee work with a view to equal opportunities and fairness within the framework of the KHM university contract.
  • Advice, moderation and mediation in cases of discrimination, abuse of power or sexual harassment - also in an intersectional understanding.
  • Support of a family-friendly university, the better compatibility of family and studies / career within the possibilities of a very small art university.

In the Equality Team since December 3, 2020 are (and everyone from the team is approachable):

Verena Friedrich, Prof. Lilian Haberer, Jaqueline Hen, Juliana Kálnay, Dr. Juliane Kuhn (EO since 2014), Maren Mildner, Marketa Polednova (Parental leave), Ursula Reber.

KHM auf Spitzenplatz im Hochschulranking (September 2019 und Sptember 2021)

Im Hochschulranking nach Gleichstellungsaspekten (CEWS Studie 2019 und 2021) kommt die KHM auf den Spitzenplatz (zusammen mit der HBK Hamburg, Ranggruppe 1). Es wurden 44 Kunst- und Musikhochschulen evaluiert. Wir sind auf dem richtigen Weg!


  • LaKof NRW / BuKof
  • WIFT Germany
  • GEMEINSAM FÜR GENDER-GERECHTIGKEIT – eine Initiative der Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, der Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF und der ifs internationale filmschule köln

Fünf Social Spots "Gegen Gewalt an Frauen" von Studentinnen der KHM

Die Kurzfilme entstanden im Werbefilmseminar unter der Leitung von Lars Büchel in Kooperation mit der Kölner Frauenrechtsorganisation medica mondiale e. V. Köln:

Dienstag Abend (2018, 2 Min.) von Hannah-Lisa Paul / Für Frauen (2018, 1:30 Min.) von Jelena Ilic / Kraft (2018, 1:30 Min.) von Sophie Dettmar / Safe Space (2018, 2 Min.) von Luka Lara Charlotte Steffen  / Tu lugar/Dein Raum (2018, 1:10 Min.) von Agustina Sánchez Gavier

  • 02:16
    Dienstag Abend (Gegen Gewalt an Frauen)
  • 01:26
    Für Frauen (Gegen Gewalt an Frauen)
  • 01:38
    Kraft (Gegen Gewalt an Frauen)
  • 01:53
    Safe Space (Gegen Gewalt gegen Frauen)
  • 01:36
    Tu lugar/Dein Raum (Gegen Gewalt an Frauen)


Commissioner of Equal Opportunity

Dr. Juliane Kuhn
Fon: +49 221 20189 - 135
Peter-Welter-Platz 2, upstairs, left
monday 14:30 - 16:00 PM

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