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Equality at the KHM

WHO ARE WE? Equal Opportunity Officer and Equal Opportunity Team

Equal Opportunity Officer: Erica Boccasso (she/her/none) - Staff member administration / assistance subject group exMedia

Substitute: Carina Neubohn (she/her/none) - Artistic assistant for image design / camera / subject group film

Team (Equality-team):

Heike Ander (she/her/none) Staff member* Administration / Exhibitions and Cooperations

Mia Hofner - Students,

Dr. Juliane Kuhn (she/her/none) - Staff member* Administration / Press and Public Relations

Bomin Kwon (they/them) - students,

Tatsiana Licheuskaya (they/them) - students,

Kasia Paczesniowska-Renner (she/her/none) - staff member administration / project office


Erica: gleichstellen@khm.de - Tel. -232

Carina: carina.neubohn@khm.de - Tel. -364

Heike: heike.ander@khm.de - Tel. -213

Mia: m.hofner@khm.de

Juliane: juliane.kuhn@khm.de - Tel. -135

Bomin: bomin.kwon@khm.de

Tatsiana: t.licheuskaya@khm.de

Kasia: kasia.renner@khm.de - Tel: - 263

If you want to write to all of us, please use the following e-mail address:



We advise the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) on equality policy issues. In addition to the legal requirements (see §17,2 LGG), the Equal Opportunity Team at KHM is available to all members of the university (students, employees and faculty). The Equal Opportunity Officer and the Equal Opportunity Team therefore see themselves as equally committed to LGBTQIA+ members in addition to the traditional perception of the concerns of female members. We are committed to equal opportunities for all genders and the implementation of a family-friendly and inclusive university. We support the dismantling of structurally based discrimination. Our goal is to make gender diversity at the university more visible and strengthen it.

The Equal Opportunity Officer (Erica / deputy: Carina) and the Equal Opportunity Team (Bomin, Heike, Juliane, Kasia, Mia, Tania) are among the persons of trust to whom you can turn for help on issues relevant to equal opportunity. Be it sexual harassment, abuse of power, bullying, stalking or other borderline violations at KHM, or if you observe them in your environment. All inquiries and conversations will be kept confidential. If desired or necessary, the Equal Opportunity Officer will refer you to further assistance or official complaint offices.

Equality work at KHM is done on a volunteer basis. In addition to our full-time work, we make every effort to attend further training courses that can support us in this task. We are well networked to utilize expertise from people who have more subject-specific experience than we do.

Goals and tasks in particular:

  • Participation in recruitment and appointment procedures
  • Supporting measures to reconcile family and career or studies
  • Committee work with a view to equal opportunities and fairness within the framework of the KHM university contract
  • Initial counseling and support for persons affected by sexual and gender-based discrimination and violence
  • Development of projects on topics relevant to equality

The Equal Opportunity Officer is advised and supported by the Equal Opportunity Team. She reports annually to the Senate on the status of her activities and regularly participates in the meetings of the Rectorate and the Senate.

The equal opportunity work is oriented towards the State Equal Opportunity Act (LGG) and the Art University Act (KunstHG) of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The election of the Equal Opportunity Officer and the Equal Opportunity Team takes place every two years in accordance with the Basic Regulations of the KHM.

The Equal Opportunity Team is composed and elected from all four status groups - students, professors, artistic and scientific staff, administrative and technical staff.

The Equal Opportunities Office of the KHM is a member of the State Conference of Equal Opportunities Officers at Universities and University Hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia (LAKof) and the Federal Conference of Women's and Equal Opportunities Officers at Universities (bukof). She is a member of WIFT Germany, the international business network for women in the film and television industry and digital media. She supports and engages for "GEMEINSAM FÜR GENDER-GERECHTIGKEIT" - an initiative of the University of Television and Film Munich, the Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF and the ifs internationale filmschule köln.

Since 2017, Equality has supported INTO THE WILD, a mentoring program for female students* and graduates*.

In addition, since 2019, Equality has been offering and supporting the KHM's Förderpreis für Künstlerinnen* and cooperating with the International Frauen Film Fest Dortmund | Köln (IFFF) and the Museum Morsbroich in Leverkusen.

Fünf Social Spots "Gegen Gewalt an Frauen" von Studentinnen der KHM

Die Kurzfilme entstanden im Werbefilmseminar unter der Leitung von Lars Büchel in Kooperation mit der Kölner Frauenrechtsorganisation medica mondiale e. V. Köln:

Dienstag Abend (2018, 2 Min.) von Hannah-Lisa Paul / Für Frauen (2018, 1:30 Min.) von Jelena Ilic / Kraft (2018, 1:30 Min.) von Sophie Dettmar / Safe Space (2018, 2 Min.) von Luka Lara Charlotte Steffen  / Tu lugar/Dein Raum (2018, 1:10 Min.) von Agustina Sánchez Gavier

  • 02:16
    Dienstag Abend (Gegen Gewalt an Frauen)
  • 01:26
    Für Frauen (Gegen Gewalt an Frauen)
  • 01:38
    Kraft (Gegen Gewalt an Frauen)
  • 01:53
    Safe Space (Gegen Gewalt gegen Frauen)
  • 01:36
    Tu lugar/Dein Raum (Gegen Gewalt an Frauen)
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