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Creative Producing / Production

The KHM offers a challenging, project-based course, which is characterised by the free choice and individual combination of various artistic emphases. A large number of artistic works, which are in the broadest sense filmic, are created in this open process: short or long fictional, short or long documentary, or experimental and essayistic films, animations, recordings of a performance, hybrid filmic forms of all kinds, and many others.

The student is often the originator of the idea, author and director in one. But, from the first project on, they are also always the producer of their own work. From this point on they must learn to take on financial responsibility for their artistic intentions, their creative decisions and also the team.

In order to recognise the connections and the interactions between the artistic and the commercial and to understand and master production processes, specialist and foundational seminars focused on “production” impart the essential economic, organisational and technical foundations required for the production of audiovisual works, as projects at the KHM and beyond.

On the basis of real student projects we deal with the important issues facing film-makers: from developing an idea, via traditional and alternative forms of financing, casting, packaging, calculation, planning production, shooting and postproduction, as well as the possibilities for the national and international marketing of their own work.

The subject area is expanded to include the basics of media rights, in order to increase awareness in the use of copyrighted material. The emergence of authorship through the creation of new works, the observation of personal rights and the handling of claims of renumeration, as well as employment relationships through contract drafting alongside the liabilities associated with being a producer are also focuses of our seminars.

Furthermore, we emphasise the importance of sustainable film and media production and introduce the principles of green production in this context.

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