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About the association FRIENDS of KHM

The FRIENDS's association founded in 1924 to promote the Cologne Werkschulen (1879-1993) decided to continue its tradition after its closure and the re-establishment of the Cologne Academy of Media Arts (1989).
The only German art college, whose primary task is the artistic and scientific development of all media arts, needs ideal and material support - that is the great conviction of the Association of Friends of the KHM.
As a non-profit association, it supports artistic concerns and special projects of the KHM. In particular, it enables projects, exhibitions and publications by students that would not be possible without this funding. In addition, outstanding artistic achievements by KHM students and graduates are honored annually in the form of various prizes.
Personalities from the cultural, economic and social life of Cologne as well as alumni of the KHM are involved in the Association of Friends of the KHM.

Become a member or founder of the Association of Friends of the Art Academy for Media Cologne e.V. and support and accompany art and budding artists in the region.
- The members of the association are regularly invited to the events of the art college and informed about their important events.
- With the Great Art Prize (7,500 euros) of the Association of Friends of the KHM and their scholarships (6,000 euros), the members and donors promote outstanding artistic achievements by students once a year and present the award winners to the public.
- The annual membership fee is: at least 60 euros for private individuals; 150 euros for companies and institutions; 30 euros for students and graduates (in the first three years after graduation).
- Private individuals, companies or institutions who donate a one-off amount of at least 5,000 euros are also considered to be the association's founders.
The annual contributions, foundations and donations are tax-deductible.
Contact: / +49 221 20189 111

The gallery owner Christian Nagel has been the new chairman of the Friends of the KHM since October 2017, after Prof. Henrik R. Hanstein, who headed the Verein der Freunde with great commitment for over 25 years, retired from office. Prof. Henrik H. Hanstein was awarded the honorary senatorship of the KHM on November 24, 2017 in the senate of the KHM.

Awards by the FRIENDS of KHM

Great Art Prize for outstanding artistic achievements by diploma students and graduates (10.000 EUR):

2016: Joscha Steffens (7.500 EUR), Miriam Gossing + Lina Sieckmann (2.500 EUR); 2017: Stefan Ramírez Pérez; 2018: Beryl Magoko; 2019: George Demir; 2020: Camilo Sandoval; 2021: Hend Elbalouty; 2022: Ascan Delarber (5.000 EUR), Hanna Noh (5.000 EUR).

Advancement awards for young students (each 2.000 EUR):

2010: Alfons Knogl, Isabelle Prahl; 2011: Simon Paetau; 2012: Sina Seifee, Gerald Schauder; 2013: Rozbeh Asmani, Vera Drebusch; 2014: Ali Chakav, Nieves De La Fuente Gutiérrez, Angelika Herta; 2015: Fabian Epe, Stephanie Glauber, Milica Lopicic, Mia Matz, Rahel Pötsch, Hermes Villena; 2016: Sophia Bauer, Walter Solon und Lei Xi; 2017: Augustina Andreoletti, Anne Arndt und  Florian Dedek; 2018: Danila Lipatov, Max Mauro Schmid, Maja Tschumi; 2019: Anna Ehrenstein, Lisa Gerig, Hye Young Sin; 2020: Luise Flügge, Maximilian Karakatsanis-Schmidt, Shuree Sarantuya; 2021: Julia Vergazova, Gianna Scholten, Camie Rüther; 2022: Stefan Jorgensen, Yoora Park, Ekaterina Reinbold.

Information for students / applications for financial support from the FRIENDS of KHM

In addition to supporting students through annual awards such as the Grand Art Prize and the students' prizes, the FRIENDS of KHM have been funding individual artistic projects by students for many years, e.g. by subsidising travel expenses, exhibitions, exchange semesters, transport costs, publications, etc.

=> Note (as of March 2024): Unfortunately, the funding of individual projects has to be temporarily suspended until the end of September 2024, therefore no new applications for funding can be submitted. The FRIENDS association is planning to reorganise its work due to a currently tense financial situation, prioritising their focus on fundraising.

Award ceremonies since 2016

Verein der Freunde der Kunsthochschule für Medien
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Christian Nagel (Vorsitzender), Isabel Apiarius-Hanstein (Stellv. Vorsitzende), Dr. Max F. Krawinkel (Schatzmeister), Caroline Kox, Antonio de Luca, and ex officio: Prof. Mathias Antlfinger (Rektor der KHM)

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