Project-oriented praxis is combined with current discourses in sound in the form of seminars, lectures, practical exercises or work presentations in the KHM’s Klanglabor.


Organised as an interdisciplinary and modular place, the Klanglabor offers both space for the development of sound-art projects as well as for workshops on instrument building, musical production techniques or media archaeology themes. 

The spectrum of the seminars offered comprises sound synthesis techniques in hardware and software (programming), the use of sensors, interface and app development, radio art/Ars Acustica, field recording/soundscape composition, text-sound composition/sound poetry, as well as theoretical reflection on auditory culture and the history of music and technology.

The Klanglabor also offers, with its annual “Sound” foundation seminar, an introduction to a variety of themes for interested students who have little or no experience in handling sound. In addition, the Klanglabor curates and organises the “soundings” concert series—three events per semester in the KHM’s Aula—which presents outstanding and extraordinary artistic positions between music, sound art and lecture-performance.    

Selected projects

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