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Collaborations, International Relationships

The KHM is characterised by a high level of internationalisation in the makeup of its student and teacher body. The experiences abroad are intensive und numerous. With around 25 professors and 320 students, exchange and production relationships are highly personalised. Those working at the KHM bring experiences from different cultures into the daily praxis of artistic work.

Internationalisation takes place in individual artistic/filmic work, much more than through exchange programmes. Projects, productions, exhibitions etc. very often take place in more or less far-off places. These collaborations often only exist for a one-off occasion. Other collaborations are maintained at irregular intervals or have run well continually for many years.

Studieren im Ausland

Die KHM unterhält zahlreiche Kooperationen mit Institutionen im Ausland. Häufig gehen sie auf die Initiative und das Engagement einzelner Lehrender der KHM zurück. Im Rahmen des ISAP-Programms des DAAD (Internationale Studien- und Ausbildungspartnerschaften) wird ein Teilstudium an der Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL) in Bogotá (Kolumbien) gefördert. Es bestehen zahlreiche weitere Kooperationen mit Partnern im europäischen und außereuropäischen Raum.

The KHM maintains numerous co-operations with institutions abroad. These are often based on the initiative of individual members of the teaching staff at the KHM. Within the framework of the DAAD’s ISAP (International Study and Training Partnerships) programme, sponsorship is available to study for a period at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL) in Bogotá. The KHM has numerous other european and international partners.

Für ausländische Studienbewerber*innen

The Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) offers a unique educational concept - the only one of its kind in Germany - that brings together the fields of film, art and theory in one degree course: Media and Fine Arts. The Media and Fine Art Diploma Degree can be attained via a 9-semester undergraduate course (Diploma Degree I) or a 4-semester further qualifying course (Diploma Degree II). Please note that bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees cannot be conferred by the KHM. Foreign and German applicants must fulfil the same fundamental entry requirements at the KHM. As the courses at the KHM will be held in German, it is also expected that foreign applicants can prove sufficient knowledge of the German language (level B2). As of now, an amount of rund € 300 is payable for one semester by each student. Information about study options, course content, application procedure and entry requirements an be found on our website under "Application procedure".

Information for potential visiting students at the KHM

Only programme students, who apply within the framework of existent co-operation agreements between the KHM and other higher-education institutions or short-term scholarship holders (for example from the German Academic Exchange Service—DAAD) can be admitted to study as visiting students. Applying independently for a place as a visiting student at the KHM is not possible. Visiting students are enrolled for at least one, at the most two, whole semesters. Being a visiting student at the KHM does not implicitly indicate the determination of artistic aptitude required for the Media and Fine Art degree course. An admission requirement for DAAD applicants, from the side of both the DAAD and the KHM, is a written pledge from a professor stating that they will supervise the visiting student’s planned project at the KHM should they receive a scholarship from the DAAD. DAAD applicants are requested to contact a possible mentor (professor) at the KHM directly.



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