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DIY-electronics / prototyping / material & processes / fabrication technologies / modeling / programming as artistic practice / hacktivism / open technology / experimental research / bioart & -design / biohacking / foodhacking / fragrance or smell as a medium / art & ecology / permaculture design / transformation design / basics of design / experimental spatial concepts / Science Fiction / fictions and speculations in artistic practice

The exMedia Lab is a structural element, which strengthens the laboratory idea at the Academy of Media Arts. It is the central and largest work area of ​​the department and serves, among other things, as a working space for the post-graduate students of exMedia. This laboratory is less a place for the provision of technical work equipment, but rather an inner-institutional free space for socio-technological research and aesthetic experiments.

exMedia offers an unsurpassed opportunity of experiencing an exhilarating freedom of an art academy without being subjected to the ferocious rules of the art market. In the exMedia Lab, for example, questions and forms of processing are promoted that do not already know their position in the first place.

Characteristic of the intersection of the individual emphases is the fundamental idea of ​​a THINK & DO TANKS - a reflective, material-experimental, collective work. Thus, a collaborative development of interdisciplinary methods and action spaces is to be promoted, in which students can develop their own responsibility in a familiar social repectively technological environment - and de facto by the use of experimentation.  The laboratory is headed by three artistic-academic staff members -Jacqueline Hen, Verena Friedrich, Karin Lingnau.


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