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Artistic Camera is an area within the Film and Television faculty that is not limited to any specific genre or film category/form.
The basis of any camera work is the prior technical and aesthetic knowledge that is imparted in the foundation seminars. Camera and lighting technologies and techniques are, however, never taught without reference to their use as a means of artistic creation.  
These basics are elaborately connected with one another in the main course. This takes place, on one hand, in the form of rather theoretical specialised seminars, which always ask the questions: why is something used, when and how, and how does it come across to the viewer today or at the time of its dissemination? 
This is complemented, on the other hand, by practical seminars, which lead through the complete chain of production to the realisation of short films. The focus of the practical seminars is the scope of duties of a camera person in the respective stages of production (preparation, shooting, follow-up). 

 ​​​​​​​These group seminars are supervised by the professors Sophie Maintigneux and Sebastian Richter. The aim is always a thematic orientation with a view to the students’ respective projects, so that their current needs can be tackled. Particular attention is paid to perception psychology processes in the production and reception process. 
Camera seminars are not limited to students who wish to specialise in this field. The intention is rather to train qualified and clear communication within film teams as well as to determine qualitative standards, so that students can better evaluate both their own work and that of others. 

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