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Teaching on this course concentrates on the fields of directing, scriptwriting and production.

The two-semester foundation seminar Feature-Film Direction begins with a module on acting self-awareness. Units on scenic work, the craft of directing, script preparation and visualisation follow. In the first directing exercise, students create scenes, staging them with actors in a studio within a defined framework.

At the KHM, writing for film is imparted with respect to various formats, from scripts for short, mid-length, or feature-length films to screenplays for television series.

In the foundation course, an interdisciplinary foundation seminar introduces various narrative forms. Questions of narrative style, narrative perspective, of the narrator, the plot, the characters and the narrative structure as well as rhythm and dramaturgy are discussed. In the framework of this seminar, short-film material is developed, which can be realised in the main course as a first project. In the main course, the themes are expanded on theoretically and practically in specialist seminars. Specialist seminars on the basics of dramaturgy, on script (function and importance of the script, types of scriptwriting, job description, material development and its partners: the law and the marketplace), on character development and on scene writing (step-outline, sequences, scenes, dialogue) are offered.

In order to impart the necessary practical, structural and legal foundation, a series of specialist seminars are offered under the heading of “production”. In them the conditions and procedures of the development of material, financing, acquisition of rights, production planning, scheduling, budgeting, completion as well as the utilisation of distribution, marketing and festivals are imparted.

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