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Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2024, 18:00 Uhr, Eröffnung:
Gina Bojahr – No Makeup Makeup

In ihrer Diplomausstellung untersucht Gina Bojahr "beauty work" als gleichermaßen widersprüchlichen wie faszinierenden Prozess.


Liminal Beings are those who are in between homes, places, jobs, apartments, dreams, and realities. Beings that cannot easily be placed into a single category and beings that reside in homes that exist between contemporary nomadism and urban houselessness.

For many, camping becomes a temporary departure from the constraints of urban life. It is a curated experience where one can enjoy nature's beauty while still cocooned in the familiar comforts. The act of camping becomes a tangible embodiment of modern atavism. Atavism refers to the re-emergence of traits or characteristics in an individual reminiscent of ancestral traits.

Why do we enjoy bird watching, stargazing, hunting, hiking, horse riding, fishing, or just walking in nature? The romantic concept of the wilderness is a side effect of domestication, taking monumental forms and serving as a stage for those craving a dose of atavism. Such stages, like parks, reservoirs, resorts, and gardens, are used even by nearby animals accustomed to coming there to forage for leftover breadcrumbs or materials for their nests.

Shuree Sarantuya is a media artist and activist based in Cologne. She was born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Her work is based on extensive research that leads into an experimental practice in which she uses diverse media to depict the constant transition/migration of a nomadic household to a sedentary lifestyle due to the demands of the current capitalist system.

19.02.2024 – 08.03.2024

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