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The photo lab comprises digital and analogue workstations as well as a photo studio with a flash unit and ceiling rail system.   In the digital area, seven computers with colour-calibrated monitors, various scanners and several laser and inkjet printers with print widths up to 160 cm are available for student use. A Durst Lambda photo exposure system linked with a RA-4 colour development machine enables the printing of digital data on photographic paper. Lamination of photographs up to a width of 150 cm is possible. The analogue lab comprises a B&W film developer and four enlargers for B&W and colour processing.  

Ausleihe von  Fotoequipement, Zugang und Arbeiten im Fotolabor sowie Tutorials

Einzelheiten zur Ausleihe von Fotoequipemt im Fotolabor sowie das Arbeiten,  Zugang und die Tutorials findet ihr hier:

Zugang und Arbeiten im Fotolabor


The Technology Department of the KHM is diverse and complex.

For an overview the individual work areas present themselves in short films. 

A KHM account is required for viewing the films. Please log in to the KHM website in advance.

Here is the direct link to the protected page: 

Technikfilm Fotolabor


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