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The Art and Media Studies subject group, made up of the professorships “Media | Culture | Gender”, “Art History in the Context of Media” and “Aesthetics”, brings together disciplines, perspectives, methods, research and “thinking practices”. What unites the various orientations is an analytical-scientific questioning of the arts and media together with its diverse theorisation in historical (diachronic) and structural (synchronic) connections.

The teaching and research of the subject group is of university standard, while the continuous collaboration in the development of artistic and creative projects is characteristic of an academy. It maintains diverse relationships with university and non-university research institutes. Alongside teaching and research, symposia and lecture series as well as publishing activities are organised.

The advanced forms of art that are represented at this academy are already of themselves interrogations of the media, of the material etc. In connection with this impulse of artistic work itself, the aim is in deepening theoretical and historical knowledge, exploring discursive prerequisites and social contexts of a media-aided self-criticism of the arts as well as an expanded, dynamic contemplation of its foundations and prospects that is interlinked with new discourses.

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