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MOERS Festival live

What began as a relatively small open-air festival in the courtyard of Moers castle in 1972, quickly developed into a huge internationally respected event for contemporary improvised music. Moers festival, which takes place every Whitsuntide, continues to champion stepping out on a limb and the courage to innovate and is thus a guarantor for musical discoveries beyond the mainstream. The aims of the festival are adventure and the crossing of boundaries—the fact that these musical boundaries are far apart is a declared intention.
KHM TV broadcasts the festival live.

  • Ziad Rajab Trio | Moers Festival 2015
  • Eivind Opsvik Overseas | Moers festival 2015
  • Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld | Moers Festival 2015
  • Sjur Miljeteig Group | Moers Festival 2014
  • Arto Lindsay & Paal Nilssen-Love | Moers Festival 2014
science slam - live from köln

Science condensed down into exciting and lively 10-minute presentations: that’s Science Slam! Young scientists leave the labs and lecture halls and present their own research projects on the stages of clubs, theatres and pubs.

  • "Women in Science"-Slam Lydia Möcklinghoff
  • Dennis Schulz - Science Slam Köln
  • Knochen anlecken für die Wissenschaft - Science Slam Köln - Kai Jäger
  • "Women in Science-Slam" Dr. Anastasia August
  • Das sind die Superhelden der Chemie - Science Slam Köln - Jörg Kossmann

Regular live streams of concerts produced by KHM TV.

From pop concerts to freely improvised concerts as part of the AD HOC Festival, organised by students of the HfMT and the KHM.

  • ADHOC 2016: Ossimoro
  • Nocturne 60: Klanglaborians Past and Present
  • ADHOC 2016: Duo Lukasheva:Mahnig
  • Alice Rose - Teardrops | Wohnzimmerkonzert @ Maarwegstudios



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