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The library/media library has around 45,000 contemporary art monographs on offer, with the emphasis of the collection on media art, interdisciplinary and multimedia art forms, artistic photography, media theory, philosophy as well as film and television.

The library’s cataloguing system can be found here. The individual classification positions are linked to the library catalogue.

  • Film (111)
  • The humanities and social sciences (104)
  • Art (250)
  • Literature (38)
  • Media (100)
  • Natural sciences (22)
  • Philosophy (107)
FIL A. General works
A.1 Lexica
A.2 Biographical reference books
A.3 Filmographies
A.4 Annuals
A.5 Dictionaries
A.6 Bibliographies
A.7 Address books
A.8 Institutions and companies
A.9 Festivals and award presentations
A.10 Renting catalogues
A.11 Film posters
A.12 Complete overview
A.Z Periodicals
FIL B. History and development of film
B.0 General works
B.1 Ancient history of photography and film
B.2 Film history and complete overview
B.3 Film history and single eras
B.3.0 General works
B.3.1 Silent film
B.3.2 Pre-war film
B.3.3 Film during the Nazi-era
B.3.4 Post-war film and film during the Fifties
B.3.5 Neuer Deutscher Film
B.3.6 German film since 1980
B.4 Film history of single countries
FIL C. Film theory
C.0 General works
C.1.0 Film philosophy
C.1.1 Analysis of film
C.1.2 Aesthetics and dramaturgy
C.1.3 Semeiotics and philology
C.1.4 Publications about film
C.1.5 Comparative studies
C.2 Psychology of film
C.3 Sociology of film
C.4 Pedagogy and didactics
C.5 Youth and childhood
C.6 Woman and feminism
C.8 Assessment of film and censorship
C.9 Film reviews
FIL D. Motion picture technology
D.0 General works
D.1 Projection and movie theatre building
D.2 Camera and lightning
D.3 Sound and sounddesign
D.4 Dubbing and subtitles
D.5 Special effects
D.6 Film processing, title, copy
D.7 3-D film and technicolor
D.9 Digital motion picture technology
D.10 Film archiving
FIL E. Film-making
E.0 General works
E.1 Script-writing
E.3 Scripts
E.4 Direction and camera
E.5 Cutting and editing
E.6 Art direction and film design
E.7 Costumes and make-up
E.8 Film music and sounds
E.9 Architecture
E.10 Set photography and stills
E.11 Dramatic arts
E.12 Publications about films
E.13 Film motives
FIL F. Film-economy and organization
F.0 General works
F.1 Production
F.2 Renting
F.3 Cinema
F.4 Distribution and marketing
F.5 Film subsidy and funding
F.6 Professions
F.7 Film rights
FIL G. Film genres
G.0 General works
G.2 Adventure film, road movie
G.3 Action film
G.4 Amateur film
G.5 Animated film
G.6 Documentary
G.7 Erotic and porno film
G.8 Experimental cinema and underground film
G.10 Comedy film, slapstick
G.11 Films with local background
G.12 Period drama and biographical picture
G.13 Fantasy and science fiction film
G.14 Children's and teen film, fairytale film
G.15 War film
G.16 Crime film and thriller
G.17 Short film
G.18 Educational film, scientific film, sports film, folkloristic film
G.19 Film adaption
G.20 Art and musical film
G.21 Melodrama
G.22 Political film
G.23 Propaganda film
G.24 Advertising film
G.25 Western
FIL H. Filmmakers
H.0 Generalists
H.1 Directors
H.2 Actors
H.3 Producers and studios
H.4 Screenwriters
H.5 Film critics
H.6 Cinematographer, director of photography
H.7 Miscellaneous
GES B. Cultural sciences
B.0 Introductory literature, complete overview
B.1 Historico-cultural processes
B.2 Cultural-scientific theory and studies
B.2.1 Humanities and human-animal interaction
B.2.3 Raumtheorie
B.2.4 Sound Studies
B.2.5 Cross-cultural studies, origin of culture
B.2.7 Interdisciplinary studies
B.3 Cultural-scientific fields of application
B.3.1 Cultural techniques and performativity
B.3.3 Everyday culture
B.3.5 Culture and politics
B.3.7 Culture and society
GES C. Psychology
C.0 General works
C.1 History and theory
C.2 Psychologists and psychoanalists
C.3 General psychology
C.3.0 General works
C.3.2 Perception
C.3.4 Motivation and emotion
C.3.6 Cognitive processes
C.3.8 Dream and hypnosis
C.4 Differential psychology
C.4.0 General works
C.4.2 Personality theory
C.4.4 Intelligence, aptitude, creativity
C.4.8 Specific personality traits
C.5 Psychoanalysis
C.6 Developmental psychology
C.7 Social and ecological psychology
C.8 Neuropsychology
C.9 Border areas of psychology
GES D. Sociology
D.0 General works and reference books
D.1 History
D.2 Methods of social studies
D.3 Sociological theories and criticism
D.4 Sociologists and theorists
D.6 Society and social culture
D.6.0 General works
D.6.1 Social process and social behaviour
D.6.2 Love, emotion, violence
D.6.3 Life career and socialization
D.6.4 Youth culture
D.6.5 Rank and role
D.6.6 Divergence and delinquency
D.8 Cultural sociology
D.8.0 General works
D.8.1 Values, standards, symbols, language, knowledge
D.8.2 Culture and media
D.8.3 Cultural differences and integration
D.10 Social change and globalization
D.10.0 General works
D.10.1 Economy, work, capitalism
D.10.2 Science and information society
D.10.3 Town and region
D.10.4 Surveillance studies and state
D.12 Difference and inequality
D.14 Social institutions
GES G. Gender studies
G.0 General works
G.0.1 Lexica and compendia
G.0.4 Bibliographical and biographical reference books
G.0.10 Periodicals
G.1 History of gender studies
G.1.0 General works
G.1.1 Historical overview
G.1.2 Antiquity, ancient times, Middle Ages
G.1.3 First feminist movements until World War II
G.1.4 1945 - 1960
G.1.6 Seventies and eighties
G.1.7 Nineties and 21st century
G.1.12 Women and feminist movements in foreign countries
G.2 Theory and philosophy of gender studies
G.2.0 General works
G.2.2 Feminist theory and philosophy ; philosophical gender theories
G.2.4 Feminist philosophy of science
G.2.6 Feminist literary studies and linguistics
G.2.8 Queer and lesbian studies. Intersexuality. Transsexuality
G.2.9 Masculinity studies, man and film
G.2.10 Feminist ethnology and anthropology
G.2.12 Ethical and theological aspects
G.2.14 Techniques of gender studies
G.4 Theorists
G.6 Body and sexuality
G.6.0 General works
G.6.2 Body theory
G.6.4 Sexuality
G.6.6 Pornography
G.8 Gender studies in psychoanalysis
G.10 Gender studies in cultural theory
G.10.0 General works
G.10.2 Aesthetics and cultural theory
G.10.4 Media theory
G.10.6 Technowissenschaftskultur
G.12 Gender studies in social sciences
G.12.0 General works
G.12.2 Social interactions and structures
G.12.4 Social sciences, sociology and politics
G.12.6 Education, breeding, science
G.14 Gender studies in natural and life sciences
KUN A. General works
A.1 Lexica
A.3 Annuals
A.5 Biographies
A.6 Addresses
A.Z Periodicals
KUN B. Art history
B.0 General works
B.1 Ancient Times
B.2 Middle Ages
B.3 Early Modern
B.4 Modernism
B.5 Modernism before 1945
B.5.0 General works
B.5.1 Impressionism
B.5.2 Art Nouveau
B.5.4 Expressionism
B.5.5 Cubism
B.5.6 Futurism
B.5.8 Surrealism
B.5.10 Dadaism
B.5.12 Constructivism
B.5.14 Bauhaus
B.5.16 Miscellaneous styles
B.6 Modernism after 1945
B.6.0 General works
B.6.2 Abstract Expressionism
B.6.3 Situationistische Internationale
B.6.4 Pop Art
B.6.5 Minimal Art
B.6.6 Conceptual Art
B.6.8 Fluxus
B.6.10 Neo-Expressionism
B.6.12 Contemporary Art
B.6.14 Exhibition catalogues
B.6.16 On-topic exhibitions
B.7 Urban Art
B.8 Art and literature, book art
B.9 Cultural history
B.9.0 General works
B.9.1 Theory
B.9.2 Sociology
B.9.3 Anthropology
B.9.4 Cultural history of the body
B.9.6 German cultural history
B.9.7 European cultural history
B.9.8 Extra-European cultural history
B.10 Museology
B.10.0 General works
B.10.1 History and theory
B.10.2 Museum architecture and exhibition design
B.10.3 Exhibition series and art fairs
B.10.4 Curators and collectors
B.10.5 Individual museums
B.10.6 Libraries and archives
B.11 Art and Fascism
KUN C. Art theory
C.0 General works
C.1 Aesthetics
C.2 Iconography and image studies
C.3 Special motifs
C.4 Pedagogy
C.5 Psychology
C.6 Sociology
C.7 Art and nature
C.8 Art and science
C.9 Feminist art
C.10 Art scientists
KUN D. Composition techniques
D.0 General works
D.1 Drawing techniques
D.2 Reproduction methods
D.3 Sculpture techniques
D.4 Miscellaneous techniques
KUN E. Composition theory
E.0 General works
E.1 Physiology of perception
E.2 Colour theory
E.3 Perspective
E.4 Proportion
KUN F. Economy of art and culture
F.0 General works
F.1 Preservation of art and monuments
F.2 Art market and legal aspects
F.3 Competitions and awards
F.4 Art and cultural policy
KUN G. Artists and groups
KUN H. Design
H.0 General works
H.0.0 Allgemeines
H.0.1 Lexica
H.0.6 Annuals
H.1 Institutions
H.1.0 Academies and universities
H.1.2 Congresses and festivals
H.1.3 Competitions and awards
H.2 History and present age
H.2.0 General works
H.2.2 Pre-industrial crafts
H.2.4 Industrialisation (1848 - 1888) and Arts and Crafts
H.2.6 Art Nouveau
H.2.8 German Werkbund and Vienna Workshop
H.2.10 Art Déco
H.2.12 Design in the Third Reich
H.2.14 Design after 1945
H.2.18 Alchimia and Memphis
H.2.20 Postmodernism
H.2.26 Design and ecology
H.2.28 Landscape and garden
H.2.30 Design in individual countries
H.2.32 Exhibition catalogues
H.3 Design theory
H.3.0 General works
H.3.1 Theory
H.3.2 Aesthetics
H.3.3 Psychology and sociology
H.3.5 Education and profession
H.4 Graphic design
H.4.0 General works
H.4.2 Illustration and comic
H.4.4 Typography
H.4.6 Corporate design
H.4.8 Visual communication
H.4.10 Packing and cover
H.4.12 Poster
H.4.14 Advertising
H.4.16 CopyArt
H.4.18 Computer graphics
H.5 Product design
H.5.0 General works
H.5.2 Interior design and furniture
H.5.4 Textiles and fashion
H.5.6 Ceramics and glass
H.5.8 Metal and jewellery
H.5.10 Woods
H.5.12 Plastics
H.5.14 Toys and sporting goods
H.6 Industrial design
H.6.0 General works
H.6.2 Lighting design
H.6.4 Design of electric appliances
H.6.6 Design of large-scale objects
H.6.8 Booth construction and window dressing
H.7 Layout
H.7.0 General works
H.7.2 Text processing
H.7.4 Layout techniques
H.7.6 Typography and computer graphics
H.7.8 Image processing
H.7.10 Scanning and printing
H.7.12 Computer assisted design
H.7.14 Interface design
H.8 Media design
H.8.0 General works
H.8.2 Television design
H.8.4 Information design
H.8.6 Web design
H.9 Media design software
H.9.0 General works
H.9.2 Graphic programmes
H.9.4 Image editing
H.9.6 Computer animationen and games
H.9.8 Video and film editing
H.9.10 Web and multimedia design
H.10 Individual designers
H.12 Companies
KUN I. Architecture
I.0 General works and annuals
I.1 History
I.2 Theory
I.3 Urban construction
I.4 Individual architects
I.5 Illustrated books
I.6 Construction theory
I.7 Libraries
KUN K. Video art
K.0 General works
K.1 Lexica
K.2 Annuals and institutions
K.3 History
K.4 Theory
K.5 Aesthetics and criticism
K.6 Exhibition catalogues
K.7 Periodicals
K.9 Techniques
K.11 Video artists
KUN L. Photography
L.0 General works and lexica
L.1 History
L.2 Theory
L.3 Techniques
L.4 Photobooks and exhibition catalogues
L.5 Individual photographers
L.6 Applied photography
KUN M. Holography
M.0 General works and lexica
M.1 History
M.2 Theory
M.3 Techniques
M.4 Illustrated books and exhibition catalogues
M.5 Holography artists
KUN N. Music
N.0 General works and lexica
N.1 Music history
N.1.0 General works
N.1.2 Ancient times and Middle Ages
N.1.3 Early Modern
N.1.4 Modern music
N.2 Music theory
N.2.0 General works
N.2.1 Philosophy and sociology
N.2.2 Theory and teaching
N.2.3 Education and profession
N.2.4 Acoustics and auditory psychology
N.3 Sacred music
N.4 Music theatre
N.6 Chamber music
N.7 Experimental and electronic music
N.8 Popular music
N.10 Jazz
N.11 Musicians and composers
N.12 Sound art
KUN O. Theatre
O.0 General works
O.1 Theory and history
O.2 Philosophy and sociology
O.3 Direction and production
O.4 Stage and costume
O.5 Festivals and individual places
O.6 Theatre professionals
KUN P. Dance
P.0 General works, history, theory
P.1 Choreography
P.2 Dance genres
P.3 Dancers, ensembles, choreographers
KUN Q. Performance
Q.0 General works
Q.1 History and theory
Q.2 Exhibition catalogues
Q.3 Artists and groups
KUN R. Computer arts
R.0 General works
R.1 Computer graphics
R.2 Computer animation
R.3 Computer music
R.4 Computer artists
R.5 Virtual reality and robotics
R.6 Net art
R.7 Interactive art
LIT A. General works
A.1 Lexica
A.2 Jahrbücher und Anthologie
A.3 Wettbewerbe und Preise
A.4 Techniken des Schreibens und Erzählens
A.Z Zeitschriften
LIT C. Literatary studies
C.0 General works
C.1 Epics
C.2 Dramatic art
C.3 Lyrics
C.4 Rhetoric
C.5 Literature and other sciences
LIT D. Secondary literature
D.1 Secondary literature on authors and works
D.2 Secondary literature on single eras
D.2.0 General works
D.2.1 Ancient times
D.2.2 Middle Ages
D.2.3 Baroque and Renaissance
D.2.4 Modern era
D.3 Secondary literature on single topics
D.3.0 General works
D.3.1 Dreams
D.3.2 Maze
D.3.3 Love
D.3.4 Science fiction
LIT F. Biographies
LIT G. Editions and primary literature
G.0 General works, letters, diaries
G.1 Classics
G.2 Modern era since 1950
G.3 Zeitgenössische Literatur ab 2000
LIT H. Genres
H.1 Science fiction
H.2 Graphic Novels
H.4 Dokumentarische Literatur
MED A. General works
A.1 Lexica and compendia
A.2 Dictionaries
A.3 Annuals and address books
A.4 Bibliographical reference books
A.Z Periodicals
MED B. History and development of media
B.0 General works
B.1 History and development of media
MED C. Media and communication theory
C.0 General works
C.1 Media and cultural sociology
C.1.0 General works
C.1.1 Sociology of mass media
C.1.3 Sociology of communication media
C.2 Media studies and media psychology
C.2.0 General works
C.2.1 Techniques and outcomes
C.3 Media pedagogy
C.3.0 General works
C.3.1 Education and advancement
C.3.3 Business and didactics
C.4 Media philosophy and media culture
C.4.0 General works
C.4.1 Semeiotics and communication theory
C.4.2 Media aesthetics
C.4.3 Media ethics
C.5 Computer theory
C.5.0 General works
C.5.1 History and theory of computers
C.5.2 Applied computer sciences
C.5.3 Virtual reality and robotics
C.5.4 Artifical intelligence and artificial life
C.5.5 Computer and literature
C.5.6 Computer animation
C.5.7 Computer and music
MED D. Media technology
D.0 General works
D.1 Print media
D.3 Broadcast and television engineering
D.5 Network engineering
D.6 Multimedia
D.7 Audio engineering
MED F. Media economy
F.0 General works
F.1 Media marketplace
F.2 Advertising and marketing
F.3 Media policy
F.4 Entertainment law
F.5 Media profession and education
F.6 Economy and television
F.7 Economy and internet
MED G. Books and written material
G.0 General works
G.1 History of font and letters
G.2 Journalism
G.3 Book, library, literature and poetry
G.4 Comics and cartoons
MED H. Broadcast
H.0 General works
H.1 History
H.2 Journalism
H.3 Audio drama and radio art
MED I. Television
I.0 General works
I.1 History of television
I.2 Television channels
I.2.0 General works
I.2.1 ARD
I.2.2 ZDF
I.2.3 Regional channels
I.2.4 Private channels
I.2.5 Cable and satellite television
I.2.6 European and non-European television
I.3 Programme divisions
I.3.0 General works
I.3.1 Television journalism
I.3.2 Television play and series
I.3.3 Motion picture
I.3.4 Television show
I.3.5 Cultural television
I.3.6 Educational television and children's and youth television
I.3.7 Music television
I.4 Sociology of television
MED K. Multimedia, audiovisual media
K.0 General works
K.1 History, psychology and sociology
K.2 Multimedia hardware
K.3 Multimedia software
K.4 Acustic media, electronic music
K.5 Interactive media
K.6 Multimedia applications
K.7 Computer games, video games
MED L. Telecommunication and networks
L.0 General works
L.1 History, biographies
L.2 BTX, ISDN, videophone, videoconferences
L.3 Internet
L.4 Hypermedia
NAT A. General works
A.0 Lexica and reference books
A.1 History
A.2 Theory and application
NAT B. Biology
B.0 Lexica and reference books
B.1 History
B.2 Theory and application
NAT C. Chemistry and physics
C.0 Lexica and reference books
C.1 History
C.2 Theory and application
NAT D. Engineering
D.0 Lexica and reference books
D.1 History
D.2 Theory and application
NAT E. Mathematik
E.0 Lexika und Nachschlagewerke
E.1 Geschichte
E.2 Theorie und Anwendung
PHI A. General works
A.1 Lexica
A.2 Dictionaries
A.3 Annuals
A.Z Periodicals
PHI B. History of philosophy
B.0 General works
B.1 Ancient times
B.2 Scholasticism
B.3 Renaissance, humanism, Reformation
B.4 Enlightenment, Romantic period, Baroque
B.5 19th century
PHI C. Philosophy of present age
C.0 General works
C.1 Vitalism
C.2 Marxist philosophy
C.3 Critical theory and Frankfurt School
C.4 Critical rationalism and neo-positivism
C.5 Phenomenology and existentialism
C.6 Structuralism
C.7 Post-structuralism and deconstructionism
C.8 Postmodern era
C.9 Constructivism
C.10 Current movement
PHI D. Metaphysic
D.0 General works
D.1 Ontology
D.2 Cosmology
D.3 Philosophical anthropology
D.4 Phenomenology
D.6 Theology
D.7 Natural philosophy
PHI E. Logic
E.0 General works
E.1 Formal logic
E.2 Mathematical logic
E.3 Analytic philosophy
E.4 Information theory and cybernetics
PHI F. Ethics and religion
F.0 General works
F.1 Ethics
F.2 Religion
F.2.0 General works
F.2.1 Western and Christian religions
F.2.2 Eastern religions
F.2.5 Religious philosophy
PHI G. Aesthetics and philosophy of arts
G.0 General works
G.1 Philosophy of arts
G.2 Aesthetics
G.4 Visual studies
PHI H. Linguistic philosophy and linguistics
H.0 General works
H.1 Linguistic philosophy, semeiotics, hermeneutics
H.2 Linguistics and grammar
H.3 Psychology and sociology of language
H.4 Language, script, metaphorical language
PHI I. Culturural philosophy
I.0 Allgemeines
I.1 Kulturphilosophie
I.1.0 General works
I.1.1 Philosophers and theorists
I.1.2 Focault
I.1.4 Barthes
I.1.6 Flusser
I.1.8 Baudrillard
I.1.9 Lyotard
I.2 Philosophy of history
I.2.0 General works
I.2.1 Philosophers
I.3 Philosophy of technics
I.3.0 General works
I.3.1 History and theory
I.3.2 Ethics
I.3.3 Philosophers
I.3.4 Virilio
I.3.5 Weibel
I.3.6 Kittler
I.3.7 Kamper, Bolz, Rötzer
I.4 Political philosophy
I.4.0 General works
I.4.1 Philosophers
PHI K. Scientific theory and epistemology
K.0 General works
K.0.1 Theorists
K.1 Scientific theory
K.1.0 General works
K.1.1 Theorists
K.2 Philosophical theory
K.2.0 General works
K.2.2 Theorists
K.3 Interdisciplinary theory
K.3.0 General works
K.3.1 Theorists
K.3.2 Feyerabend
K.3.3 Mittelstraß
K.3.4 Watzlawick
K.4 Philosophy of mind
PHI L. Applied philosophy
L.1.2 Ethnology and anthropology
L.1.3 Philosophy of social sciences
L.1.4 Philosophy of law
L.1.5 Philosophy of economy
L.1.6 Politics
L.1.7 History
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