Transformation Design

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Transformation Design

The recently established field of Transformation Design (TD) sets out to ask for the role of design in transformation processes and find out about the shaping of future qualities.

Transformations of societies are driven by the megatrends of:

• technological innovation leading to disruptive changes in culture and business models

• globalisation leading to an ever more dynamic exchange of people, work and goods

• migration with new tasks of coexisting and integrating different cultures

• demographic change and the global difference in birthrates


All of these processes are subject to the inherent dynamics of capitalism, technology and media. They do not wait for designers. Designers however play a vital role in shaping, propagating and distributing new values and models for future lifestyle. 

Thus TD faces challenging tasks and questions that include:

– What can designers contribute to future transformations of society?

– How can TD create and advertise new values for a future civilization?

– Can TD build on the concept of „matters of concern“ (Bruno Latour)?

– What are the differences between TD and Design Thinking or Change Management?

– How can TD be established as an academic field?


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