The Recorate

Chancellor Dr. Sabine  Schulz, Rector Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Reck, Deputy Rector and Prorector Prof. Frank Döhmann

The rectorate decide on all issues that the Hochschulgesetz (Art Colleges Act) does not assign to another authority. The rector represents the academy both internally and externally. He chairs the rectorate and determines the principles on which the academy is to be run. He supervises the artistic-academic staff and is responsible for the artistic concerns of the academy, the development and realisation of aims and perspectives of future work, the profile of its representation to the public and contact to sponsors and partners.

As a member of the rectorate, the chancellor heads the administration and supervises the service sector staff. She is the official representative for the budget and represents the rector in legal affairs.

Academy Senate

Group of professors:
Prof. Mathias Antlfinger, Prof. Thomas Bauermeister, Prof. Dr. Peter Bexte, Prof. Dietrich Leder, Prof. Sophie Maintigneux, Prof. Matthias Müller, Mischa Kuball / substitute member: Sabine Rollberg, Rector: Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Reck (in his capacity as rector)

Group of artistic-academic staff: Jonas Hansen, Dirk Specht / substitute member: Carsten Geissler, Solveig Klaßen  

Group of other staff: Claudia Löwen, Claudia Warnecke / substitute member: Clemens Kujawski
Group of students: Jens Mühlhoff / substitute member: Alexander Pascal Forré

Committee for Teaching and Study

Art: Mischa Kuball
Film / Television: Dietrich Leder (deputy: Lars Büchel)
Art and Media Theory: N.N.
Artistic-academic staff: Wiebke Elzel (deputy: Stefanie Sarah Lauke)
Other staff: Christina Hartmann (deputy: Hans Huber)
Students: Mario von Grumbkow (deputies: Christoph Stec, Bela Usabaev, Julia-Lena Lippoldt)

Committee for Planning and Finances

Art: Zilvinas Lilas (deputy: Julia Scher)
Film / Television: Raimund Krumme (deputy: Gebhard Henke)
Art and Media Theory: N.N.
Artistic-academic Staff: Konstantin Butz (deputy: Christian Faubel)
Other staff: Robert O’Kane (deputy: N.N.)
Students: Mario von Grumbkow (deputy: Ronida Alsino)

Selection Committee

Art: Ute Hörner, Frans Vogelaar (deputy: Zilvinas Lilas)
Film / Television: Sebastian Richter, Thomas Bauermeister (deputy: Katrin Schlösser)
Art and Media Theory: Georg Trogemann (deputy: Peter Bexte)
Artistic-academic Staff: Christian Sievers, Luis Negrón van Grieken (deputy: Konstantin Butz)
Students: Stefanie Glauber (deputy: Miriam Gossing, Nikhiil Konrad, Luisa Stricker, Sara Hoffmann, Chris Becher)

Audit Committee
Art: Phil Collins (deputy: Matthias Müller)
Film / Television: Didi Danquart (deputy: Dietrich Leder)
Art and Media Theory: Peter Bexte
Artistic-academic Staff: Andreas Altenhoff (deputy: Christina Ebelt)
Students: Marie Altgen (deputy: Felix Zilles-Perels, Peter Haas)

Doctoral Committee (cross-departmental)

Peter Bexte (deputy: Georg Trogemann)
Sabine Rollberg (deputy: Julia Scher)
Thomas Hawranke (deputy: Luis Negrón van Grieken)
Students: Philipp Böll (deputy: Valeria Matehha)

Equal Opportunities Office

Juliane Kuhn, Equal Opportunities Officer
Beate Middeke, deputy Equal Opportunities Officer
Petra Wonsowitz, Diversity in Staffing, Gender Affairs and Family Friendliness Equal Opportunities Team: Katrin Laur, Sophie Maintigneux, Julia Scher, Solveig Klaaßen, Elke Feist, Heidrun Hertell, Maren Mildner, Susanne Ritter, Rita Schwarze, Claudia Trekel, Birgit Trogemann
Student members: Claire Delaber, Berta Valin Escofet, Miriam Gossing, Valerie Heine, Nele Jeromin, Jule Lippoldt, Mia Matz, Tina Rietzschel, Marie Zahir Staff


Winfried Haushalter, chairman of the technical-administrative staff council
Doris Jaeger, 1st deputy chairman
Martin Nawrath, 2nd deputy chairman
Beatrix Wheeler / Heiko Diekmeier, full members
Andreas Altenhoff, chairman of artistic-academic staff council  

Address / centre

Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Peter-Welter-Platz 2
D-50676 Köln
Fon: +49 221 20189 - 0
Fax: +49 221 20189 - 17

Rector's / Chancellor's office

Susanne Hackländer
Fon: +49-221-20189-111

Ingrid Panne
Fon: +49-221-20189-212

Rector's referent

Heidrun Hertell
Fon: +49-221-20189-232


Press / PR office

Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Peter-Welter-Platz 2
D-50676 Köln
Fon: +49 221 20189 - 135 / - 330
Fax: +49 221 20189 - 49135

Guard duty

Fon: +49 221 20189 - 105
Mobil: +49 173 7480228

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