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The Rectorate

The Rectorate is represented by Rector Prof. Mathias Antlfinger, Chancellor and State Representative Dr.  Oliver Herrmann, Vice-Rector Solveig Klaßen and Vice-Rector Prof. Zilvinas Lilas.

The Rector's Office decides on all issues that are not assigned to other institutional bodies by the Academy Act (Hochschulgesetz). The rector represents the Academy both internally and externally. He chairs the Rector's Office and is in charge of establishing governance structures and principles setting out the rules and conduct of the Academy. The Rector is the supervisor of the artistic-academic staff members. He is responsible for all aspects of the Academy's artistic orientation, including the development and implementation of objectives and prospects of future activities. The Rector is the contact person for sponsors and partners and he is responsible for the Academy's presentation to the public.

As a member of the Rector's Office, the chancellor heads the administration and is the supervisor of the non-academic staff. He is in charge of the Academy's overall budget and represents the Rector in legal affairs.

Governing Bodies


Professors: Prof. Melissa de Raaf, Prof. Sophie Maintigneux, Prof. hans w. koch, Prof. Dr. Fatima Kastner (alternate members: Prof. Liz Haas, Prof. Dr. Isabell Lorey)

Artistic-academic staff: Dr. Konstantin Butz, Alexandra Grein, Tobias Hartmann, Karin Lingnau (alternate members: Juliana Kálnay, Christian Heck) 

Non-academic staff: Axel Autschbach, Heike Ander, Fani Schoinopoulou, Ursula Reber (alternate members: Susanne Hackländer, Claudia Trekel)

Students: Jasmina Bartl, Golnaz Hourmazdi, Andreas Niegl, Johanna Pigors  (alternate member:  Fabian Rieke)

Committe for Teaching and Studies

Dept. of Art: Prof. Mathias Müller (alternate members Prof. Ute Hörner)
Dept. of Film/TV: Prof. Melissa de Raaf
Dept. of Art and Media Studies: Prof. Dr. Fatima Kastner
Dept. of exMedia: Prof. Kathrin Röggla (alternate member: hans w. koch)

Artistic-academic staff: Sam Hopkins (alternate member: Dr. Konstantin Butz)
Non-academic staff: Claudia Warnecke (alternate member: Henning Marquaß)
Students: Fabian Rieke

Committee for Finance and Planning

Dept. of Art:  Prof. Johannes Wohnseifer (alternate member: Liz Haas)
Dept. of Film/TV: Prof. Prof. Frank Döhmann (alternate member: Prof. Sebastian Richter)
Dept. of Art and Media Studies: Prof. Dr. Isabell Lorey
Dept. of exMedia: Prof. Isabel Herguera  (alternate member: Prof. Zilvinas Lilas)
Artistic-academic staff: Dr. Thomas Hawranke Ph.D. (alternate member: Verena Friedrich)
Non-academic staff: Christian Eller (alternate member: Robert O'Kane)

Committee for Quality Improvement in Teaching and Studies

Students: Jasmina Bartl, Andreas Niegl

Examining Committee

Prof. Melissa de Raaf, Prof. Sophie Maintigneux, Prof. hans w. koch (alternate member: Prof. Dr. Isabell Lorey)
Artistic-academic staff: Christian Heck (alternate member: Karin Lingnau)
Students: Golnaz Hourmazdi, Andreas Niegl

Doctoral Committee (cross-departmental)

Prof. Kathrin Röggla (alternate member: Prof. Hans Bernhard)
Prof. Dr. Lilian Haberer, Prof. Dr. Fatima Kastner, Prof. Dr. Isabel Lorey (chair), Prof. Dr. Georg Trogemann (deputy chair)
Artistic-academic staff: Dr. Tobias Hartmann (deputy PhD Sam Hopkins)
Students: Antonia Koerfer (alternate member: Andreas Niegl)

Equal Opportunities

Dr. Juliane Kuhn, Equal Opportunities Officer
Markéta Polednová, alternate Equal Opportunities Officer

Staff Council

Ewald Hentze, Chair

Juliane Schwibbert, Debuty Chair

Thomas Grohmann, Debuty Chair

Esther Neumann, Member

Ulrich Schulz, Member

Council of Artistic-academic Staff

Katrin M. Kämpf, Debuty Chair
Dr. Konstantin Butz, Debuty Chair
Markéta Polednová


KHM principles and guidelines for dealing with discrimation and sexualises violence / Supportlist of Cologne

Address / headquarter

Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Peter-Welter-Platz 2
D-50676  Cologne
Fon: +49 221 20189 - 0
Fax: +49 221 20189 - 17

Rector's Office

Susanne Hackländer
Fon: +49-221-20189-111

Assistant to the Rectorate
Heidrun Hertell
Fon: +49-221-20189-130

Press / PR office

Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Peter-Welter-Platz 2
D-50676 Köln
Fon: +49 221 20189 - 135 / - 330
Fax: +49 221 20189 - 49135

Fire Protection Officer

Markus Fabricius

Tel.: +49 221 20189 – 264

Guard duty

Fon: +49 221 20189 - 105
Mobil: +49 173 7480228

Website administration


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