Artistic Project-Based Study

Studying at KHM is an open process

The Academy of Media Arts Cologne’s demanding project-based “Media and Fine Art” courses give each student the chance to choose between and individually combine various artistic emphases. “Media and Fine Art” at the KHM can be taken as a 9-semester (undergraduate / diploma I) or a 4-semester (postgraduate / diploma II) course. In both formats, the focus is on the development of artistic projects, supported through interdisciplinary supervision by professors, academic staff and technicians.

Student work takes place in the KHM’s ateliers, studios and labs, which are furnished with high-quality equipment, reflecting the diversity of the areas of teaching. The connection between artistic praxis and art and media theory discourses, film theory analysis as well aesthetic and philosophical questioning is an integral part of the courses, the teaching and the research.  

The range of student projects is wide and interdisciplinary. Examples include animation, feature and documentary films, photographic art, video art, experimental films, websites, Internet art, games, sound art and electronic music, art in public space, installations, performances, light art, screenplays, hybrid designs, TV and Internet formats, live directing and camera works. Students realise up to four of their own projects. In addition they also develop work within the framework of seminars and tutorials, some of which are collective pieces.

The Academy of Media Arts Cologne’s diploma is internationally comparable with the MFA (Master of Fine Art).  

The various artistic emphases that can be followed up in the course are organised into four departments: Art, exMedia, Film and Television, and Art and Media Studies, each represented by teaching staff and subject areas.  

The following study emphases are only a sample of those available and are listed alphabetically:  

•  Animation / 3D-Animation / Games  

•  Art and media studies  / Queer studies

•  Art in public space / Installation / Performance  

•  Artistic Photography  

•  Creative production / TV and Internet  

•  Documentary film / Feature film / Live directing

•  Experimental film / Video art  

•  Image design / Camera / Montage

•  Literature / Scriptwriting / Storytelling / Dramaturgy  

•  Policy of networks / Interface / Code 

•  Sound art / Sound studies 

The annual Rundgang  in July and the Infotag in December are good opportunities to get to know KHM.

For information on student projects klick here.


Student office

Peter-Welter-Platz 2
D- 50676 Cologne
Fon: +49 221 20189 - 119
Fax: +49 221 20189 - 298

Open hours

Mo-Do: 10-13 h, Do: 14-16 h

Winter semester 2017/18

02.10.2017 – 26.01.2018

Summer semester 2018

09.04. –  20.07.2018

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