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is an academic group which shares the conviction that 
– experimental aesthetic projects and socio-technical research lead to an 
– expansion of scholarly and creative horizons that effectively address
– existential human conditions in the 21st Century.

exMedia integrates design, coding, sound, animation, literary writing.

exMedia connects critical reflection with experimental approaches based on fundamental questions raised by individuals and society.

exMedia looks for self-motivated students able to take artistic risks and open to the unknown.

exMedia works on the conditions of a technology driven culture and addresses its future including post-media perspectives.

More about current topics on our exMedia Blog.

exMedia is involved with the following fields: Experimental 2D/3D Animation and Auteur Games, Sound Studies, Experimental Coding, Politics of networks and machines, Maker Culture, Hybrid Space, Cognitive and Transformation Design, Literary Writing.

In our postgraduate program we work with students and fellows from a wide range of backgrounds such as architecture, urbanism, design, sound, computer science, animation, games, art, theory and social activism. The projectbased studies environment challenges students to self-initiate individual research and develop complex and perhaps yet uncharted subjects and profiles.

We run specialized sound and 2D/3D animation laboratories to ensure enthusiastic exploration and experimentation to further advance student’s imagination and talents. We also work with widely available tools such as electonic microcontroller, lasercutter, motion capture, drones, 3D scanner/printer, CNC-milling machine.

exMedia´s alumni engage across a wide terrain of creative fields. Professional prospects will be found both in the fields of independent and corporate work, at agencies as well as in research or start ups.

exMedia offers an unsurpassed opportunity of experiencing an exhilarating freedom of an art academy without being subjected to the ferocious rules of the art market.

In 2017, the Academy of Media Arts Cologne became the first art school in Germany to offer literary writing. It thus complements its unique transdisciplinary concept with a further artistic study focus in the context of the diploma program in Media Arts. The project-oriented study program offers the opportunity to freely combine artistic focal points, which now also include literary writing.

Literary writing can be studied at the KHM as a undergraduate course (Diploma 1 in nine semesters) or as a postgraduate course (Diploma 2 in four semesters) within the diploma program "Media Arts".

Writers and teachers of the genres of prose, poetry and drama as well as of screenplay, radio play and essay accompany the work of the students, who are encouraged to continuously develop their texts both in the seminars and through individual supervision in one-on-one discussions. The practice-oriented course offerings are supplemented by the teaching of literary and cultural-theoretical basics as well as readings from tradition and the present.

A special feature of the program is the cooperation with the Center for Literature at Hülshoff Castle near Münster. In joint projects and events, students can develop innovative literature and presentation formats or supplement their studies at the KHM with writing residencies at Hülshoff Castle.

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