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 The most important knowledge and methods from current and past documentary practices are taught on the Documentary Film course. Upon completion, students should be in the position to find themes and material autonomously, to develop them to project stage maturity, and to produce and complete them under the best possible conditions. The aim of these projects is the unformatted documentary film, which is characterised by the author’s signature. In addition, information about formatted documentary film spots and series on television is also taught in the main course in close cooperation with editors and producers.  

At the beginning of the course, the history of documentary film is dealt with by means of illustrative examples in a foundational seminar, and the related methods  discussed. Research and interviewing techniques are introduced and worked on in practical modules. In addition, two exercise films are shot: In the first the reaction of the documentary filmmaker in the interaction of camera and sound on a selected and researched event is practised on video. In the second, a repetitive activity such as a working procedure or a repeating incident is observed and documented. 

In the main course, specialist seminars on various documentary formats take place regularly. 
Themes include:
 Film and Television Essays, Long-Duration Observations, Hybrid Forms,
 Children’s Documentary Film, Found Footage, Historical Representation in Film. 

Diploma colloquia: The final projects are discussed in a specialist seminar, from conception, via the shooting phase to editing and postproduction. 

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