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MOOZ – on moving images and audiovisual arts

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        ABOUT MOOZ

        The virtual place for artistic work with the moving image, for experimental audiovisual formats of the art college for media has a new name: MOOZ. The platform for close-up views of the artistic projects and productions, which is also known far beyond the KHM, now works with the principle of reflection: MOOZ reflects the complex sequences and formats, and reflects back into the virtual spaces what has not yet been perceived or what has just been produced. MOOZ also changes perspective: It's not just about looking at and in the predominantly short, audiovisual forms and discoveries about vlog, found footage, essay film, documentary and performative formats, abstract and experimental, installative arrangements, but with which lens, which focus, which zoom the moving image works look back on the equally different and polyphonic world of the users.

        The reflection principle of MOOZ can also be understood programmatically: because each project is reflected by a different voice who thinks with the artistic work, directs a specific focus on it and stimulates the viewer to mke their own projections.


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