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It Takes Little

It Takes Little
Karen Zimmermann
2017, HD video, 07:24, sound

2017, HD video, 07:24, sound

Idea: Karen Zimmermann

Camera: Nikolai Meierjohann

Production: Academy of Media Arts / Karen Zimmermann


a woman throws her husband out the window.

a woman is turned into greta garbo.

a woman who shoots at wolves.

a woman is turned into zsa zsa gabor.

a woman is turned into marlene dietrich.

a woman knocks a man’s teeth out.

a woman drags a man by the hair through a bedroom.

a woman who shoots at clay pigeons.

a woman puts on leather gloves.

a woman assembles an AK-47.

a woman tends to a bullet wound.

a woman bites on a piece of wood.

a woman who spills blood.

a woman takes a big sip of whiskey.

a woman tears a white shirt in thin white strips.

a woman throws another man out the window.

a woman calls herself courtney love.

a woman changes a car tire.

a woman tests out a flamethrower.

a woman fills a bullet wound with gunpowder.

a woman cauterizes a wound.

a woman performs the perfect drive.

a woman is killed by a grizzly bear and dragged into the woods.

a woman changes a car tire.

a woman leaves jail clothed only in her underwear.

a woman smashes a tennis racket.

a woman smashes another tennis racket.

a woman swears at a referee.

a woman crushes the head of a child with her bare hands.

a woman wrecks a car.

a woman smashes in a bathroom door with an ax.

a woman shouts: “be gone, satan, be gone.”

a woman reads misery by stephen king.

a woman wrecks a ferrari.

a woman jumps out the window.

a woman jumps into the canal.

a woman swims out into the open sea.

a woman strangles a leopard with her bare hands.

a woman sharpens a knife.

a woman forges a sword.

a woman slays a dragon.

a woman pushes a man against the wall.

a woman with bad breath.

a woman with silver teeth.

a woman who draws a revolver.

a woman who wrecks a racing car.

a woman who shoots indiscriminately.

a woman who goes into a betting shop.

a woman who reads karl marx.

a heavily armed woman.

a blind woman with boils.

a woman throws a suitcase down the stairwell.

an unwashed woman.

a crippled woman.

a woman with crutches.

a woman who saws through the bars.

a woman with a cowboy hat.

a woman who bites the head off a chick.

a woman who bites the head off a bat.

a woman who sprouts from the ground.

a woman who dunks a man in dishwashing liquid.

a woman kills a grizzly with a large knife.

a woman is shot with an arrow.

a deaf-mute woman plays piano on the beach.

a woman locks a man in the basement.

a woman shackles a man to a chair.

a woman hits a man with a dead fish.

a woman takes a drag on a joint.

a woman throws dishes out the window.

a woman snorts a line of speed.

a woman who sells cocaine.

a woman who shoots up.

a woman who jumps into the ocean.

a woman rides a wave.

a woman breaks out of jail.

a woman watches mustangs on the prairie.

a woman chases mustangs.

a woman who catches a mustang with a lasso.

a woman breaks a wild mustang.

a woman grooms a mustang.

a woman stands in the rain.

a woman spits.

a woman wipes her mouth with her hand.

a woman who knocks her teeth out.

a woman who shoots herself in the head.

a woman who drills a hole in her knee.

a woman who jumps from a bridge.

a woman who drives into a tree.

a woman who digs a hole.

a woman who hides a body.

a woman who washes her face.

a woman who looks in the mirror.

a woman who washes her hands.

a woman drags a man by the hair out of the picture.

a woman dunks a man in dishwashing liquid.

a woman in a white apron.

“it takes little.”

terrific title

Text — Tobias Yves Zintel

Karen Zimmermann has studied in the postgraduate program at the Academy of Media Arts since September 2016, with a focus on video art and performance. Since 2017 she has been a part of the performance collective You Are, and together they have been invited to the Videonale, Bonn; Schaustellen!, Burg Hülshoff – Center for Literature, Münster; and the Ruhrtriennale, Bochum. Supported by a work scholarship from the Kunststiftung NRW she worked and gave a workshop during a two-week stay in Athens. Her thesis work, which is supervised by Phil Collins, Lilian Haberer, and Tobias Yves Zintel, will be shown in January.

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© Karen Zimmermann


MOOZ—on  moving images and audiovisual arts—is a virtual place for artistic projects of the Academy of Media Arts, known also far beyond the KHM. The platform for close-up views of projects and productions of different time periods, works with the principle of reflection: MOOZ mirrors the complex sequences and formats, and reflects back into the virtual spaces what has not yet been perceived or what has just been produced. MOOZ also changes perspective: It's not just about looking at and in the predominantly short, audiovisual forms and discoveries about vlog, found footage, essay film, documentary and performative formats, abstract and experimental, installative arrangements, but with which lens, which focus, which zoom the moving image works look back on the equally different and polyphonic world of the users.

The reflection principle of MOOZ can also be understood programmatically: because each project is reflected by a different voice who thinks with the artistic work, directs a specific focus on it and stimulates the viewer to make their own projections.


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