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Anesthesia intensive

Anästhesie intensiv
Patrick Doberenz
2005, 12 min., 16 mm, 16:9, color

2005, 12 min., 16 mm, 16:9, color
Direction, screenplay, camera, and editing: Patrick Doberenz
Camera assistant: Max Polzer
Sound: Philipp Enders & Moritz Grund
Advisor: Prof. Dietrich Leder
Production: Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Anästhesie intensiv [Anesthesia intensive] is a documentary study of the daily operations of an intensive care unit: The door opens. A hospital bed rolls in. A sequence begins, the details of which have predefined standards and which can be repeated any number of times in a place such as this. Everything that happens happens within a system that attempts to tie efficiency, reliability, and predictability together. The result is a complex machine which exudes an aesthetic appeal. The attempt to reduce all points of friction leads to the development of language, movement, and ways of thinking that are compatible with the system. The human being approximates a machine, the machine a human being.

This short documentary film is the first film work by Patrick Doberenz at the KHM. It refers in many respects to the later work of the Cologne-based filmmaker. The motifs like life, death, systems, and technology in Anästhesie intensiv are also dealt with in the later work of the filmmaker: the multiple award-winning final film man stirbt. [one dies.] and the docu-fiction film Alice 5.0, produced for Das Kleine Fernsehspiel, a series on ZDF.

As the director and cinematographer of his films, Patrick Doberenz favors working with a small team. In Anästhesie intensiv he worked both as editor of the film and as cameraman. In this film he achieved an exacting look inside the closed system of a hospital also because of his longtime work in the intensive care unit depicted. Similarly his own digital network in social media formed the point of departure for the idea for his debut film Alice 5.0. Since his degree film man stirbt.

Since his degree film man stirbt.Patrick Doberenz has worked as one half of the directing duo with Philipp Enders, who also studied at the KHM.

The joint television debut of Alice 5.0 by Patrick Doberenz and Philipp Enders was broadcast on May 16 at 12:30 a.m. on ZDF and on May 22 at 8:15 p.m. on ZDFkultur.

Text — Daniel Sondermann

Patrick Doberenz was born in 1980 in Neubrandenburg. Before studying film he was, among other things, head of the media workshops at the Child and Youth Welfare Service in Bonn. He lives and works as a freelance filmmaker and cinematographer in Cologne. Patrick Doberenz studied at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, from 2003 to 2008. He received a fellowship at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris in 2005/2006.

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