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About us

The project office advises students concerning their projects at KHM.

Projects are registered in the project office that are to be financed with project funds or resources of the KHM –

e.g. film equipment, studio use, post-production - are implemented.

The project office is responsible for the mediation and support of the given possibilities until the completion of the project.

The core tasks of the project office:

  • Advice on the possibilities for the implementation of projects

  • Mediation of framework conditions for projects at the KHM

  • Parallel to the supervision of the projects on the part of teaching by professors and artistic/scientific staff, the project office plays a supporting role.

Consultation in the project office mainly includes the following aspects:

  • Financial aspects, billable costs
  • Use for KHM resources
  • Legal background, responsibility
  • Effort and feasibility
  • Regulations State of North Rhine-Westphalia and KHM



You can use the following PORTAL to enter the essential information.

Or you can download the FORM here , fill it out digitally, save your copy and send it to

We will process your application and get back to you.

Your project office


In parallel, you will discuss your project with a faculty representative. There may be more than one supervisor, check with teaching. Before a project is registered with a supervisor in the project office, you still need:

  • Supervisors from teaching (at least one for non-degree projects, three (interdisciplinary) for degree projects). The supervisor confirms the project description and the calculation with his/her signature.

  • Project description: Meaningful DeepL description and information about the technical and organizational implementation such as material requirements and personnel expenses, time schedule.

  • Calculation: cost summary of the expected costs (estimate at the time of preparation, process-related, project-related changes within reasonable limits are possible). The associated cost description practically represents the project description in figures. For film projects, a template for film project costing is available from the project office. For non-film projects, the layout is free, but should include all important items. We will talk about it.

Portal Project Registration

Project Registration

Here you can enter the basic data for your project registration. There are a few mandatory fields, please note them. After submitting the form, a supervisor from the project office will contact you to discuss open questions and details.


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