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Prof. Luzius Bernhard

Professor of networks
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UBERMORGEN (f. 1995 in Vienna by lizvlx & Luzius Bernhard) were part of the 1990s digital avant-garde and the front runners of Digital Actionism, they are considered to be outstanding and quintessential contemporary artists with an impressive track-record of works using dark technology, pop-aesthetics and conceptual strength. As pioneers with a global following and a strong influence on young artists, they are willing to take risks and push the boundaries of art, technology and aesthetics. The unique strength of UBERMORGEN is their precise (visual) language combined with a radical understanding of space and time, their obsessive curiosity and their merciless experimental research-methods combined with their intimate knowledge of art history and their experience with the global contemporary art market.

UBERMORGEN own 75+ web-sites and their oeuvre is stored in a high-security Data Vault deep in the Swiss Alps and in the UM.Blockchain. Their projects have been featured in 3000+ articles, news segments, books and reviews. CNN described them as 'maverick Austrian business people' and the New York Times called them 'simply brilliant’.
Recently they have shown their work in major international institutions such as the Centre Pompidou, MoMA/PS1, Sydney Biennale, MACBA Barcelona, New Museum New York, SFMoma, ICC Tokyo and the Gwangju Biennale and at numerous Art Fairs.

UBERMORGEN have held talks and workshops in Ramallah/Hebron, Kibera/Nairobi, Belfast, Kassel, Oxford, Moka/Mauritius, Karoo Desert and Johannesburg RSA, Tokyo, Damascus, Skopje, Yogyakarta, Mexico City, Cairo, Bangalore, Sofia, Lima, Hong Kong, Novi Sad, Cluj, Singapore,  Pasadena, Washington.
Commissions include the Serpentine Galleries and the Whitney Museum and their works are held in numerous public and undisclosed private collections. UBERMORGEN have received the Swiss Art Award, ARCO Beep Award, Ars Electronica Award, Transmediale Award and the super glorious IBM Award.
Their main influences are Rammstein, Samantha Fox and XXXTentacion, Olanzapine & LSD, Kentucky Fried Chicken's Coconut Shrimp Deluxe and Viennese Actionism.

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