Lilian Haberer

Deputy professor of art history in the context of media
+49 22120189 - 313

Studied art history, Italian literature and philosophy in Cologne with a visiting semester at the Università La Sapienza, Rome and research stays at Bibliotheca Hertziana and Archivio Segreto, Rome. After a traineeship at Museum Ludwig and working as a research assistant for Rosemarie Trockel, she worked on diverse curatorial projects for museums and ran the exhibition space Projects in Art & Theory with Regina Barunke. She was research associate and project coordinator of the DFG project “Reflexionsräume kinematographischer Ästhetik” from 2007 to 2014 and worked as a research assistant for 20th-/21st-century art at the University of Cologne’s Department of Art History between 2011 and 2016. She has been part of the team working on the Laboratory for Art and Research: Mass Observation 2.0 project at the University of Cologne’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities since autumn 2015. Her habilitation project deals with reflections of modernity and architectonic configurations in contemporary installation art. She has been professor of art history in the context of media at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne since April 2016.

Monografien | Herausgeberschaft - Display | Dispositiv. Ästhetische Ordnungen, München, erscheint im Sommer 2016 (Hg. mit Ursula Frohne u. Annette Urban) - Bildprojektionen. Filmisch-Fotografische Dispositive in Kunst und Architektur, Bielefeld, erscheint im Mai 2016 (Hg. mit Annette Urban) - Kinematographische Räume. Installationsästhetik in Film und Kunst (2012), München (Hg. mit Ursula Frohne) - Sillke Schatz (2012), Hannover - Factories in the Snow. Text by Lilian Haberer. Works by Liam Gillick (2007), Zürich - Prinzip Raumbildung. Parallele Strukturen im Werk von Liam Gillick (2006), Nürnberg (Diss.) Aufsätze (Auswahl) - Subtle Fractures in the perception modes of media politics. Staging photofilmic imagery as a form of countervisuality (2015), in: Brianne Cohen/Alexander Streitberger (Hg.): The Photofilmic. Entangled Images in Contemporary Art and Culture, Leuven, 257–279 - Rhythm of the Interval. Projection, Circulation and Fragmentation of Images and Words in Tris Vonna-Michell's Art practice (2015), in: PhotoReasearcher 24, Special Issue: Slide Show (guest editor: Jelena Stojkovic), 48–57 - Der Raum des Denkens. Überlegungen zur Rolle der Diagrammatik für die Theoriebildung einer ,dekonstruktivistischen' Architektur (2013), in: Dietrich Boschung/Julian Jachmann (Hg.): Diagrammatik der Architektur, München, S. 194–226 - Kinematographischer Räume – Zur filmischen Ästhetik in Kunstinstallationen und inszenierter Fotografie. Einführung (2012) / - Modernereflexionen. Schwellenmomente architektonischer und filmischer Rahmungen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst (2012), beide in: Ursula Frohne/Lilian Haberer (Hg.): Kinematographische Räume. Installationsästhetik in Film und Kunst, München, S. 9–52, S. 127–167

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