in der 'colleccion Sincondicion' (UNAL, Bogotá)

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IN BETWEEN: – essays about the imaginary in arts and media of Hans Ulrich Reck in context of cooperation with UNAL, Bogotà.

Im Dezember 2018

At a time when medially oriented arts are constantly expanding while simultaneously being coopted by an international trading system, the question concerning the power and radicalism of art becomes evermore important.

“In between” introduces reflections concerning the current situation from the perspective of a philosopher and art theorist but also that of the rector of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. The freedom of the arts, terror and blasphemy, and the intensive analysis of the burdens of utopias constitute an important focus. Furthermore, the book concentrates on the problems of the body in the age of unfettered idolatry and a constantly increasing violence of images. “In between” does not only mean “between” ideologies, concepts, and determinations in general but also: arts in between texts and images, media and genres. It is about methodically pointed disintegration, refusal, and reasoning in contradictions without solving them in a synthesis. One has to bear and even cultivate the unstable organization, the free floating of thoughts, and the multiplicity of perspectives. 

Editor — Juliane Kuhn

Hans Ulrich Reck (b. Nov 30 in 1953) is a philosopher, art historian, curator and lecturer, as well as author. Since 1995 he is Professor of Art History in a Media Context at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne and, since April 2014, Rector of this Academy. He previously held the chair of Communication Theory at the Academy of Applied Art in Vienna. Reck has published a number of essays and books, including 'Kritik der Kreativitaet' (2018), ''Ritualkunst' zwischen Kult und Museum – Dissonante Aesthetiken am Beispiel Afrikas' 2017), an 'Encyclopaedia of Dream' (2010), an Introduction/ philosophical poetical portrait of 'Pier Paolo Pasolini' (2010), 'Spiel Form Kuenste. Zu einer Kunstgeschichte des Improvisierens' (2010), 'Index Kreativitaet' (2007), 'Eigensinn der Bilder' (2007), 'The Myth of Media Art. The Aesthetics of the Techno/ Imaginary and an Art Theory of Virtual Realities' (2007), 'Kunst als Medientheorie' (2003) and, together with Harald Szeemann, 'Junggesellenmaschinen' (1999).

His areas of work include aesthetics, philosophy, art theory and art history, arts of the 20th century, semiotics, media theory, visual settings of modern times, history and theory of the forces of the imagination.

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