Rundgangsparty 2019


Freitag, 12. Juli 2019, 23 bis 9 Uhr, Bischofsweg 48

12. Juli 2019, 23-9 Uhr
Bischofsweg 48
KHM Studierende 4 Free / Door: 5 Euro

KHM Studierende 4 Free 

Door: 5 Euro

Line up:

41ISSA (No Shade l Life from Earth Klub)

African diplomat (trading places records)


dj Óθεος

Isabelle Finou (eaten records) LIVE

jose fleury (infinite Drift) 

Koga (OCP l FFM)

Mathis Ruffing (Infinite Drift l Banlieue Records)

Moro (Janus Berlin)

mf jaeger LIVE

roȶciv regҽb

Simon Moncler (Sound Mirror l FFM)


Editor — Juliane Kuhn
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