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Prof. Klaus Schöning

Honorary professor acoustic art

Klaus Schöning, born 1936. Director, author, producer, curator, researcher in Ars Acustica as Ars Intermedia. Studied theatre and literature theory, philosophy and journalism. Until 2001 he was the editor in chief of the WDR’s Studio Akustische Kunst in Cologne, which he also founded. Artistic head of international media festivals, performances, symposia. Writer in residence, teaching posts, lectures, workshops at universities, Goethe Institutes, media academies in Europe, North/South America, Japan, New Zealand, Australia. Numerous texts, media analytical broadcasts, CD editions, books on aesthetics and archaeology of acoustic art and of (new) radio plays. 1983 Kunstpreis Berlin, sponsorship prize Film/Hörfunk/TV; 1993 Medienkunstpreis from the ZKM, Karlsruhe; 2004 Deutscher Klangkunstpreis, honorary award. Honorary professor at the KHM, Cologne.

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