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Christian Heck

Assistant professor aesthetic and new technologies / Experimental computer science
+49 221 20189 - 325

Peace Research | Aesthetic Practice | AI Criticism

Christian Heck has been a lecturer and doctoral researcher at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, since 2017. He graduated with a Master of Arts from the University of the Arts Berlin in 2015 and with a Diploma in Media Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts Munich in 2012.
His research and work focuses on social movement research, AI ethics, adversarial hacking strategies, code literature and natural language processing. 

He practices algorithm critique with a focus on Artificial Neural Networks / deep learning and practices aesthetic research in cultural- and peace work (focus: generative systems, ADM, IT security technologies, weaponized drones and autonomous weapon systems).

For more information about the PhD project, talks, publications, teaching, artistic as well as peace work, please visit the following URL.

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