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Prof. Melissa de Raaf

Professor of dramaturgy / filmic narration
+49 221 20189 – 224

The professor of dramaturgy and filmic narration has taught at the KHM since the summer semester of 2018. Melissa de Raaf was born in the Netherlands and has lived in Germany since 2004. Her work as a scriptwriter and director opens up an international, cross-border space, bringing various cultures into dialogue. Her debut feature film “Felicia über alles” (2009, with Răzvan Rădulescu) received international acclaim and she has since been associated with Romanian auteur cinema.

She was involved in the following films and screenplays: “Podslon” (2010, director: Dragomir Sholev), “Die feinen Unterschiede” (2012, director: Sylvie Casey-Michel), “La Incorrupta” (2016, director: Tamar Guimarâes) and “Ensaio” (2018, director: Tamar Guimarâes). Melissa de Raaf is also an independent curator of film programmes and exhibitions in the field of audiovisual art. She was on the selection committee of the Impakt Festival in Utrecht (NL) until 2004.

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