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Dr. Ronald Rose-Antoinette

Assistant professor contemporary art / global south
+49 221 20289 – 244

Ronald Rose-Antoinette (*1984) is a Martinican scholar and curator currently working as an Assistant Professor at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in Germany. His research and teaching interests are located in the overlaps between Caribbean Studies, Queer Studies, and Art Theory and Criticism, and engage two broad areas: twentieth century black and queer diasporic aesthetics; and plantation economy, globalization and transnationalism. His research looks to the intersection of Black and Queer socio-aesthetic formations to contemplate the other side of normative/hygienic preoccupations with straightness, sanity and being. His first book, a co-authored volume called Nocturnal Fabulations, published in 2017 with Open Humanities Press, focuses on the work of the queer Thai filmmaker, Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Rose-Antoinette has also published several articles in journals such as South Atlantic Quarterly and Inflexions on Caribbean music, literature and visual arts. Before teaching at KHM, he was guest lecturer in France, Canada and the United States.
Ronald received his doctoral degree from the Humanities Program at Concordia University in Montreal.

Current Research Projects:

Le Mardi Gras Listening Collective
Le Mardi Gras Listening Collective came together to play music publicly, talk about that music, and to solicit further requests for music selections and comments in open forums. The work of the Collective is based on an idea that music can be studied together as an embodied form of theorizing, and as an insurgent tradition of social and aesthetic communication.

nth pass
The principal objective of this project is to search for and document queerness as an ecological sensiblity in Martinique where I lived between August 2020 and July 2022. The performativity and everydayness of passing—defined in my work and research as the social and ecological demand to be more than one—is at the center of the forthcoming exhibition, tentatively entitled “nth pass”. It will combine elements of mythobiography, video performance, anticolonial theory, animal studies, music and photography to offer a multisensorial approach to public and under-public forms of blackqueer life in Martinique.

Lectures - Seminars

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