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Pascal Marcel Dreier, M.A.

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Assistant professor multispecies storytelling
+49 221 20189 – 185

Pascal Marcel Dreier (he/they) explores and narrates more-than-human stories. To do this, they combine aspects of aesthetic research with activist, forensic, and ethnographic methods.

They are a fellow of the Multispecies Studio, a member of Minding Animals Germany, a contributor at OktoLab, and part of the German Society for Media Studies. Pascal is an alumnus of the German National Academic Foundation where they co-organized the foundation's first academic workshop on artistic research "Artistic Research und das Forschen an den Dingen". In 2022, they co-founded the non-profit research studio TRACES Studio for Creative Investigation gGmbH.

Pascal teaches and conducts workshops and lectures at universities and art institutions globally, including the University of Cambridge, the University of Western Australia, University of Siegen, and the Köln International School of Design.

Select Publications

  • Dreier, Pascal Marcel, and Claudia Paganini. Eco Art als Ego Art? [Spiritualität zwischen Egoismus und Engagement], in: Datterl, Monika / Guggenberger, Wilhelm / Paganini, Claudia (eds.): Wofür es sich zu leben lohnt. Zum Verhältnis von Ethik und Spiritualität (theologische trends 32). Innsbruck: Theologische Fakultät 2022, S. 113-129.
  • Dreier, Pascal Marcel. Closure of Openings, in: Jessica Ullrich, Frederike Middelhoff (eds.): Tierstudien Tiere und Migration [Animal Studies: Animals and Migration] 19/2021. Berlin, Neofelis, 2021.
  • Dreier, Pascal Marcel, and Thomas Hawranke. Capturing the Wild: Virtuelle Pferde im Computerspiel Red Dead Redemption 2 [Capturing the Wild: Virtual Horses in the Computer Game Red Dead Redemption 2], in: Jessica Ullrich, and Stefan Rieger (eds.): Tierstudien Tiere und/als Medien [Animal Studies: Animals and/as Media] 18/2020. Berlin, Neofelis, 2020.

Select Exhibitions

2023, ‘De Profundis’, Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen, DE

2022, Talk to me: Other Histories of Nature, Temporary Gallery, Köln, DE

2022, At the Edge of Safehouse, Safehouse, London, UK

2021, ‘Live Stock / Live Animals’, KHM Open, Cologne, DE

2020, ‘Octopus Encounters: An Immersive Library of Octopus Aesthetics’, Glasmoog, Cologne, DE

2020, ‘Perron Art Price’, Stadt Galerie Frankenthal, DE

2019, ‘Goodbye  Cruel  World,  it’s  Over’, Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf

2019, ‘Animal Ludens’, Next-Level Festival for Games, Zollverein Essen, DE

2019, ‘Practices of Approximation’, Temporary Gallery, Cologne, DE

2019, ‘we, animals:  multispecies narrations’, MEINBLAU Berlin, DE

Lectures - Seminars

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