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Denis Dercourt

Lecturer for feature film directing
+49 221 20189 – 258

Musician and filmmaker Denis Dercourt was born in Paris in 1964, the son of a piano teacher and a film producer. He now lives in Berlin with his wife and their joint children. He began his career as a solo violist and music professor at the Strasbourg Conservatory before additionally devoting himself to film.


Philosophy (Université Paris X - Nanterre) - Political Science (Sciences-Po Paris) - Music (Conservatoire National de Paris).

As a screenwriter and filmmaker:

1996, The move (Le Déménagement) (World premiere: Namur Intenational Film Festival).

1998, The freelancers (Les Cachetonneurs) (Chicago IFF)

2000, Lise and Andre (Lise et André) (Ghent IFF)

2003, My children are different (Mes enfants ne sont pas comme les autres) (Montreal IFF)

2004, Ukiyo, floating world (Ukyio, monde flottant) (Locarno IFF)

2006, The page turner (La Tourneuse de pages) (Cannes IFF)

2008, Tomorrow at dawn (Demain dès l'aube) (Cannes IFF)

2013, Flesh of my flesh (La Chair de ma chair) (New York, " Film Comment select ")

2013, The pact (On my birthday) (Busan IFF)

2015, In harmony (En équilibre) (Avignon FF)

2018, Deutsch-les-Landes (German-les-Landes) (TV series, episode 1-5 (director) - Deutsche Telekom - Amazon Prime France)

2019, The teacher (The teacher) (London - Raindance IFF)

2020, Jeanne (Jeanne) (TV - Sepia Strasbourg - Réseau des Télévisions du Grand Est)

2021, Vanishing (Vanishing) (Busan IFF)

As a teacher:

Part-time professor, Conservatoire de Strasbourg and HEAR (Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin) since 1994.

Since 1994: lecturer of viola and chamber music.

Since 2015: teaching position in creative writing and film directing.

As a musician:

Solo violist, " Orchestre Symphonique Français " and various chamber music ensemble (1984-1995).


Laureate Fondation Beaumarchais, Resident Villa Kujoyama (Kyoto), Prix SACD meilleur jeune cinéaste.

Participation in juries (film festivals, international competitions, etc.)

Lectures - Seminars

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