Soundings #012: Emeka Ogboh – Lagos soundscapes

Mic and City.jpeg

The nigerian sound- and video-artist as guest at KHM.

Emeka Ogboh’s sound recordings and installations range from personal explorations of places to investigations of public urban spaces in regards to their history and linked memories. For that matter, the artist who is based in Lagos and Berlin (*1977) explores soundscapes of cities and their aural textures of infrastructure, migration and culture, like in his hometown Lagos. Occasionally, he samples acoustic material (songs, political speeches etc.) in his experimental compositions or confronts the acoustic topography of Lagos with the trimmed noises of public transport in Berlin. Ogboh also worked with choirs, for example the Athens based Pleiades Vocal Group or the Afro-Gospel-Choir from Berlin, to investigate situations of crisis and to question national symbols like a hym in migrant societies like Germany.  

Emeka Ogboh: "I see the city as a composer and I am just documenting the city. I try to document these compositions."

Editor — Juliane Kuhn

Emeka Ogboh connects to places with his senses of hearing and taste. Through his audio installations and gastronomic works, Ogboh explores how private, public, collective memories and histories are translated, transformed and encoded into sound and food. These works contemplate how sound and food capture existential relationships, frame our understanding of the world and provide a context in which to ask critical questions on immigration, globalization, and post-colonialism.

Ogboh has participated in numerous international exhibitions including the 56th edition of La Biennale di Venezia, Italy (2015); documenta 14, (2017), Athens and Kassel, and Skulptur Projekte Münster, 2017. Ogboh is also co-founder of the Video Art Network Lagos, and in 2016 Ogboh was awarded Prize of the Bottcherstraße in Bremen.

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