the limbic phantasm


Diplomausstellung von Jule-Lena Lippoldt in der Moltkerei Werkstatt. Finissage am 31. Mai, 16-21 Uhr!

Ausstellungseröffnung, Freitag 24. Mai 2019, 19 Uhr, bis 30. Mai
Moltkerei Werkstatt
Moltkestr. 8 (im Hof), 50674 Köln
Do-Sa, 15-18 Uhr

the limbic Phantasma
poetic activism by stimulation the
intimate apparatus

I have been dealing with the effects
of memory within my framework of
subjectivity and socialisation. By
breaking some rules of
conventional scientific approach, I
enable a space to develop an
intuitive practice. I would like to offer
this space in which the hidden
patterns appear.

Do, 30. Mai, nach Absprache 017681078448

Finissage, Fr, 31. Mai, 16-21 Uhr

With the Work of the limbic phantasm a prozess is revealed that contains failure and "personal vunerabilities".

A failure that refers to inner resistance, a rigidity, a blockade, a throwback to the subject and one´s own dysfunktionality.

The memories, as well as the rememberance, are extremly

fragil. We construct memories. There are gaps and holes, breaks and blurs. Remembering a story; a collective cultural historiography is also subjective and is determined by the predominant people.

The limbic phantasm is a poetic performance that offers a space in wich fragments of hidden patterns become visible and sec(k)rets appear.

Jule-Lena Lippoldt studiert seit dem WS 2013/14 (Diplom 1) an der KHM.

Editor — Juliane Kuhn
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