degree_show – out of KHM

Anna Ehrenstein, A Lotus  is a Lotus, 2019

Exhibition of students and graduates at KIT – Kunst im Tunnel, Düsseldorf.

Ausstellungseröffnung: Freitag, 14. Februar 2020, 19 Uhr, KIT – Kunst im Tunnel (bis 17. Mai)
Mannesmannufer 1b
40213 Düsseldorf

At a time when the audiovisual media are firmly anchored in our consciousness, is it still possible to take a critical position on the abundance of news, opinions, and non-stop self-presentation that surrounds us? degree_show out of KHM will demonstrate how immediately and forcefully artists reflect relevant social issues and developments in their works. The show combines time- and media-based works by students and graduates of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.

The exhibition is the third project to be realized in cooperation with the academy. It is a joint undertaking that showcases the diversity of art education in North Rhine–Westphalia.

With Céline Berger, András Blazsek, Viktor Brim, Anna Ehrenstein, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Denzel Russel and Søren Siebel presents Bas Grossfeldt

The exhibition is curated by Gertrud Peters and Mischa Kuball.

The The exhibition is funded by the Kunst- und Kulturstiftung der Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf and the Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Rheinland.

Editor — Juliane Kuhn

12 March 2020, 6 p.m: Sparda-Kunst-Apéro

Talk with the artists and curators, Gertrud Peters and Mischa Kuball.

Admission is free.

4 April 2020, 7 p.m-2 a.m.: Museums Night Düsseldorf

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