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Verena Lercher: Autopoesie Apparatus for Anti-Capitalist Advertising Material

Audio installation by KHM graduate Verena Lercher at the Berlin based sound art project space Errant Sound.

16.09. – 02.10.2021
Errant Sound
Rungestr. 20, 10179 Berlin

The audience enters a space that shows four loudspeakers on stands and a commercial thermal printer for till receipts built into a console.

An artificial intelligence (AI) trained and staged as an AUTOPOESIE APPARATUS for Anti-Capitalist Advertising Material generates advertising texts in the writing and speaking style of the German author Rolf Dieter Brinkmann – one of the most important writers after the second world but also one who is rarely known. These texts are vocalised live and spatialised by the four loudspeakers. Four AIs are talking to each other, articulating different versions of the text-generation. The loudspeakers, directed towards a common center for dialogue, act like discussants. Through different rhythms of speech and the emotional moment of the sounding speech, the apparatuses appear human-like, while digital material is transferred back into an immediate analog experience. Thinking, formulating, competing as well as inner states are generated exclusively through sound and thus made audible for the audience. Individual texts are selected by a fifth, higher-level AI (referee) and written down in situ by the commercial thermal printer. However, printing on thermal paper is not durable. After a while, the selected AI-Brinkmann-advertising-poems fade to the point of being completely unrecognizable. The document function dissolves, the laboriously created and archived has to disappear again due to the medium. The new, what has been created at the moment, evolves, is discussed in order to disappear again.

Concept: Verena Lercher

Spatialisation: Gerriet K. Sharma

Programming: Georg Kettele, Verena Lercher

(Text: Website Errant Sound)

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