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Photographic Utopia

Exhibition with students of the eponymous seminar by Alex Grein (Artistic-Scientific Assistant Photography) at the KHM.

Eröffnung: Freitag, 21. Januar (bis 5. Februar) 2022, 17–21 Uhr, KunstWerk Köln e.V.
Ausstellungsdauer: bis 5. Februar 2022
22.–23.01., 28.–30.01. & 04.–05.02.2022, 14–19 Uhr, 2G und Maskenpflicht
KunstWerk Köln, Deutz-Mühlheimer Str. 115, 51063 Köln
For the Photographic Utopia exhibition, the following questions serve as the basis for an attempt to imagine a possible photographic future:
How could a photographic utopia or utopian photography look like?
Will the cameras of the future be operated by humans at all?
How will motifs, social concerns, documentary approaches, or materials change?

With works from:

  • Lynn Al-Abiad 
  • Victor Beger 
  • Gina Bojahr
  • Patricia Falk 
  • Luise Flügge
  • Sophia Gamboa 
  • Giorgi Gedevanidze 
  • Alexandra Hennig
  • Johann Husser 
  • Setareh Karimi 
  • Clara Kulemeyer
  • Kristina Lenz
  • Soojin Ok
  • Kihuun Park
  • Ivana Pavlickova
  • Julian Quentin
  • Mohamad Sabbah
  • Hye Young Sin
  • Mengting Xing
  • Zeng Zexuan 

Curated by Alex Grein, artistic-scientific assistant for artistic photography at the KHM.
Editor — Juliane Kuhn
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