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Minister Ina Brandes visited the KHM

Komm. Chancellor Dr. Oliver Herrmann, Rector Mathias Antlfinger, Minister Ina Brandes, the Vice-Rectors Solveig Klaßen and Prof. Zilvinas Lilas. Foto: D. Boxberg/KHM

Ina Brandes, Minister of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Susanne Graap, Ministerial Councilor for the Universities of Art and Music in NRW, visited the KHM last Thursday.

Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2023, verschiedene Orte
Filzengraben 2
50676 Köln

A one-hour discussion with the rectorate (Rector Prof. Mathias Antlfinger, komm. Chancellor Dr. Oliver Herrmann, the Vice-Rectors Solveig Klaßen and Prof. Zilvinas Lilas) was followed by a one-and-a-half-hour tour of some of the KHM's studios and laboratories: Animation Studio, Laboratory of Experimental Computer Science, Large Sound Studio, the exhibition of the Basic Photography Seminar in the Studio Foyer, the exhibition "Colliding Circulations - Dakar Mobilities Between Global Connections and Local Displacements" in Glasmoog, the Grading Studio or Studio B in the basement at Filzengraben 2.

The tour concluded with a visit to the still scaffolded future main building of the KHM at Heumarkt 14.

Minister Ina Brandes commented on her visit:

"With its unique student body, the Academy of Media Arts has become an international flagship for North Rhine-Westphalia as a media and cultural location in just a few years. The many awards they have won in recent years bear witness to this. Whether at the Venice Biennale, the Student Oscars or the German Film Awards, the media future 'made in NRW' is being conceived and shaped at the KHM."

Mathias Antlfinger, Rector of the KHM: "The talks with Minister Ina Brandes took place in an atmosphere of great openness and were characterized by an extraordinary interest in what we do at our art academy. In the short time available, it was of course not possible to cover all facets of the KHM. I am grateful to all the colleagues and students involved that their commitment on this day made it possible to show the diversity of our fields of work in an exemplary way.
I believe that the spark of enthusiasm for the KHM was ignited. It was palpable in the announcement that they would be happy to visit us again soon: for the inauguration of our new main building at the beginning of the 2024 summer semester!"

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Editor — Juliane Kuhn
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