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Cannes 2024: OUR OWN SHADOW by Agustina Sánchez Gavier

Agustina Sánchez Gavier’s Academy of Media Arts Cologne graduation film “Nuestra Sombra” will celebrate its world premiere in the Quinzaine des Cinéastes section of the Cannes Film Festival.

14–25 May 2024
Festival de Cannes 2024
Théâtre Croisette 50, La Croisette, 06400 CANNES
World Premiere: Thursday, May 23rd, 11:45 am

Agustina Sánchez Gavier’s Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) graduation film “Nuestra Sombra” (“Our Own Shadow”, 2024, 19 min) has been invited to the Quinzaine des Cinéastes section of the 77th Cannes International Film Festival. The independent selection, which was inaugurated in 1969 by the Société des Réalisatrices et Réalisateurs de Films (SRF), is dedicated to showcasing the most singular forms of contemporary cinema.

Set in the province of Misiones in northeast Argentina against the backdrop of an imminent solar eclipse, “Nuestra Sombra” portrays the unsettling transformations it appears to trigger in some of the inhabitants of an over-logged forest. The main protagonist Maria, an embodiment of existential uncertainty within the looming darkness, reflects on the hidden powers that shape our world. “The more humankind destroys nature, the more it destroys us”, Agustina Sánchez Gavier writes. “‘Nuestra Sombra’ is about the destructive relationship between humankind and nature.”

Director's Statement

The film “Nuestra Sombra” dives into the unsettling transformations within individuals adminst environmental exploitation, in the context of a solar eclipse enveloping Misiones, Argentina. The main character, an embodiment of existential uncertainty admist darkness, reflects on unseen forces shaping our world. Blurring boundaries between reality and fantasy, the film echoes themes of worldly decadence prevalent in Misiones. Through one ominous day in an ambivalent reality, time is stopped by fear and a sense of foreboding permeates the air. A little boy's search for his missing sister reveals that the visible might not be the only reality, highlighting the interplay between knowledge and ignorance. “Nuestra Sombra” offers a personal insight into the abyss, a collision between what remains unseen, and what we see but refuse to acknowledge.

“Nuestra Sombra” (“Our Own Shadow”)
Fiction, 2024, 19 min.
Spanish with French/English subtitles

The sky occults bad omens. Where nature is despised, people disappear, trees fall and the sun is devoured.

Somewhere in Argentina: as an eclipse of the sun is predicted and the surrounding forest continues to be devastated by logging, only a few women and a little boy are left to fend for themselves. When everything collapses, one clings to the slightest hint of vitality.

Agustina Sánchez Gavier Born in Argentina, Agustina studied film at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany. Her graduation film “Nuestra Sombra” will premiere as part of the Directors’ Fortnight selection at Cannes Film Festival 2024. Other work includes “Fuego Mudo”, which premiered at Filmfest Dresden in 2019, and was screened at The Bush Films in Brooklyn, New York, and at the Montreal Feminist Film Festival. She is currently working on her debut feature film.

The Team – Director, writer and editor: Agustina Sánchez Gavier; Cinematographer: Constanza Sandoval; Cast: Marcia Majcher, Liliana Ojeda, León Kallsten; Production: Valerie-Malin Schmid, Agustina Sánchez Gavier, Benjamin Correa (Argentina); Assistant director: Cinthia Konopacki, Macarena Czernecki; Art director: Lucas Koziarski; Music: Joel Jaffe; Sound design and mixing: Henning Hein; Colour grading: Nadia Khairat; Editing advisors: Fani Schoinopolou, Rita Schwarze; KHM project office advisor: Ursula Reber; KHM mentors: Prof. Pia Marais, Markéta Polednova, Prof. Melissa de Raaf; Producers: Academy of Media Arts Cologne and Agustina Sánchez Gavier; Funding: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW; Support: German Films & AG-Kurzfilm


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