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Das Veranstaltungsarchiv bietet Zugang zu Audio- und Videoaufzeichnungen von Vorträgen, Konzerten, Ausstellungen und Konferenzen, die im Kontext der KHM stattgefunden haben und sich auf die interdisziplinäre Lehre bzw. Forschung und gesellschaftspolitische Entwicklungen beziehen.

Medienkatastrophe: Julian Oliver: TCP FYI ARP WTF SSL IDK NVM

  • Julian Oliver
  • Jonas Hansen
Year: 2016
Begin: 22.06.2016
Event form: Vortrag
Julian Oliver is a New Zealander, Critical Engineer and artist based in Berlin. His work and lectures have been presented at many museums, galleries, international electronic-art events and conferences, including the Tate Modern, Transmediale, the Chaos Computer Congress, Ars Electronica, FILE and the Japan Media Arts Festival. Julian has received several awards, most notably the distinguished Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica 2011 for the project Newstweek (with Daniil Vasiliev). Julian has also given numerous workshops and master classes in software art, data forensics, creative hacking, computer networking, counter-surveillance, object-oriented programming for artists, augmented reality, virtual architecture, video-game development, information visualisation and UNIX/Linux worldwide. He is an advocate of Free and Open Source Software and is a supporter of, and contributor to, initiatives that promote and reinforce rights in the networked domain. Articles about Julian’s work, or work he’s made with others, have appeared in many news channels. Among them are The BBC (UK), The Age (AU), Der Spiegel (DE), El Pais (ES), Liberation (FR), The New York Times (US), La Vanguardia (ES), The Guardian Online (UK), Cosmopolitan (US), Wired (DE, US, UK), Slashdot (US), Boing Boing (US), Computer World (World) and several television stations worldwide.
  • Julian Oliver
  • Jonas Hansen
Archiv Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
Copyright: KHM / Autoren
  • 1:44:57
    Julian Oliver: Medienkatastrophe/TCP FYI ARP WTF SSL IDK NVM
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