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Course Catalogue WS 2021/22

Live/Art Lives

Specialist seminar
WS 22/23
Target group
Main course / Diploma 2

Please be aware that this seminar is limited in numbers and capacity so an expression of interest from this wishing to join should be sent in advance to

Dates - place & time

24.10.2216.01.23MondayWöchentlich17:00 - 19:00Filzengraben 2a, Atelier 4b / Video und Performance
from-to17:00 - 19:00
LocationFilzengraben 2a, Atelier 4b / Video und Performance

Seminar description

The Live/Art lives seminar continues to foreground, workshop, develop and critique the ongoing works and projects of the young artists and students who form the collective expression of the seminar group. The teaching blocks are both practical and discussion-based.

This is an ongoing and developmental work in establishing units of production and collective support work, as well as facilitating and sustaining individual practices. In this we continue to follow the discussion around praxis and follow ideas to presentation – both within rehearsal spaces and for public audiences. This is an organic project seeking to learn through connection and reflection on and with other participants’ work.

The seminar places the highest priority on creating collective vocabularies and opportunities with visits to cultural events – theatre shows, performance events, concerts, exhibitions – with the radical potential of popular culture and the live moment at the heart of the seminar as a joint process of learning and reflecting.

We are thankful that the KHM Bibliothek supports this project with books and dvds which inspire and amplify some of the themes that underlie the central themes of the seminar. These include historical works, biography, theory, anti-racist, feminist and queer texts centred on struggle and social transformation, plays, poetry and novels.

Student office

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For enquiries or appointments, please call us, Mon - Thu 9.30 to 1 h, or send us an e-mail.

Winter semester 2022/23

Lecture period:
​​​​​​​Oct. 17, 2022 until Feb. 10, 2023

Summer semester 2023

Lecture period:
​​​​​​​Apr. 11, 2023 until Jul. 14, 2023

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