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Kompaktseminar mit Norbert Pape

Other event
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Basic Studies, Main course / Diploma 2, Open for guests by arrangement
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Die Teilnehmerzahl ist begrenzt auf 10 Personen nach first comes Prinzip und Warteliste. Verbindliche Anmeldung und Rückfragen mit Name und KHM-E-Mail-Adresse bitte bei

N. N.

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08.07.2410.07.24Einmalig - to be announced
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Locationto be announced

Seminar description

Norbert Pape bietet im Laufe der Kompaktwoche einen Workshop für Studierende des Grundstudiums sowie des Hauptstudiums an, der (nach Absprache) offen ist für Gäste.

Unterrichtssprache: Englisch und Deutsch.

Anmeldung via Monika Rinck.

Can we train new sensibilities and 'sensorialy' navigate abstract spaces? How could XR be used to extend a sense of co-presence to digital entities or avatar robots? How can we use this knowledge to explore new modes of inhabiting the world or to resist the influence of the technoindustrial complex? What is it about the movement of a flock of birds or leaves in the winds that speaks to us? The point is not to simulate the organic world but to close the gap by way of analyzing and approximating the movements, noise, and patterns of any visual phenomena and experiment with their decontextualization.

Norbert Pape coming both from dance, mathematics and theoretical computer science will offer a workshop on the practice, problem and presupposition of IMMERSION, with special interest in the the role of noise and dynamical systems thereby. Having worked with numerous programming languages and digital tools, he currently works mainly with Unity and the Quest headsets, with expertise in Unity asset and shader development. Since he obtained an M.Sc. in Mathematics Juli 2022, with specialization in mathematical logic and theoretical computer science, Norbert Pape has been implementing art projects at the interstice of Art, Science and Technology. In particular, he has thereby gained experience in working with XR technologies and robotics. He also has been working internationally as a dancer, choreographer, pedagogue and cultural activist since 2006 and completed an M.A. in Choreography and Performance and a B.A. in Classical and Contemporary Dance in 2015.

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