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Course Catalogue WS 2021/22

Ctrl-Space live: Access Lab

Multimedia Performance

Specialist seminar
WS 21/22
Target group
Main course / Diploma 2

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Dates - place & time

26.10.2125.01.22TuesdayWöchentlich11:00 - 13:00Filzengraben 2a, Atelier 2 / room 2
from-to11:00 - 13:00
LocationFilzengraben 2a, Atelier 2 / room 2

Seminar description

We'll continue to read contemporary phenomena through the lens of "access", and query them for their potential as raw material for art.

How do you provide access to your art? To yourself? Under which conditions? Who do you exclude? How is the work defined by the way it is being accessed by an audience?

We'll discuss your concepts-in-progress in a free colloquium. New students from all backgrounds are welcome to join this ongoing process. The aim is to develop new methods and approaches, especially those that cross diverse media in a performative way.

*ctrl-space live is a praxis seminar that addresses "control" in two ways:

a) in its cybernetic sense, meaning not domination but interdependence (the role of the artist becomes that of one actor among many, who can take a shot at affecting processes largely out of her/his control, making connections, encounters, relationships possible),


b) the Deleuzian concept of control, a fluid regime of discipline and mutual surveillance.

This is a seminar about the sites where these processes take place. Its aim is to open up spaces for things to happen, in interventions and performances on- and offline. At its heart this is a performance seminar, addressing the uniqueness of the present moment.

Other additions

Working language is English.

Workshops: Mid Term ReviewCryptoParty / surveillance self-defence

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