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Course Catalogue WS 2021/22

Writing a Paper / Hausarbeit

Introduction – Main Part – Conclusion

Specialist seminar
WS 21/22
Target group
Basic Studies, Main course / Diploma 2

The tutorial is open for all interested students – also to undergraduate students

(it is not meant to "make a Schein").

Dates by arrangement. Please register at:

After registration I will contact those students who expressed interest in participating and try to find

(i.e. to “doodle”) a date that suits as many as possible.

Dates - place & time

- Online
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Seminar description

In this tutorial we will discuss and (re-)consider basic aspects of writing a (scholarly) paper or "Hausarbeit". The tutorial will be organized along three online sessions respectively dealing with the writing of an introduction, the main part of the paper, and its conclusion.

We will face questions such as:

− How can I define the topic of my paper?

− How do I structure my paper?

− What is my main question/thesis?

− How can I develop and articulate it?

− What are the necessary steps to adequately introduce, process, elaborate, and answer my question/thesis?

− How do I present my results?

− What problems do I face in the course of working on my paper?

− How can I solve these problems?

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Winter semester 2022/23

Lecture period:
​​​​​​​Oct. 17, 2022 until Feb. 10, 2023

Summer semester 2023

Lecture period:
​​​​​​​Apr. 11, 2023 until Jul. 14, 2023

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